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This video covers the basics of the front foot drive as well as the key principles needed to play the shot effectively.

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  1. Eswar Yadav says

    After 16 years join to acadmey please tell me

  2. nuvvnak nacha says

    God bless you all. Please come to India

  3. Ateeq Nomaan Mir says

    From India Love to watch u r video I can play cover drive better But i need improvement on leg side

  4. J.S.A POINT says

    Good practicing sir

  5. Bhargob Jyoti Deka 17 says

    I am from India, Assam

  6. Aditya Raj says

    Thanks sir this will definitely help in improving my game.I want to be abd of my home city😁😁Btw I'm your new subscriber

  7. Deepa Singh says

    Sir Can you please make a video On Off spin bowlingDrills for to have a drift in the ball

  8. Joni Sharma says

    Cool explanation bro

  9. Hammer7Jnr says

    Best Video Ever !!!

  10. Abhishek walla says


  11. Ansh ror Ror says

    Master class sir

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