How to connect laptop to TV using Anycast | Laptop to TV Connection| Anycast Vs Chromecast|


Connect Windows 10 Laptop to TV using any cast M2 Plus wifi dongle.
This video for how to connect laptop to tv using any wifi device like anycast,google chromecast, miracast etc.

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How to connect phone to TV anycast full tutorial :

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  1. Timothy William Anqui says

    waste my 3 minute

  2. Cyril Young says

    DAS Nonsense

  3. Andres Mtz says

    Dumbass. You just showed how you've already connected to your TV. No instructions or useful information whatsoever. Waste of time.

  4. Sathish Kumar D says

    Windows 8 la yepdi connect pantrathu bro

  5. Pradipto Roy says

    why you people trying to waste other times. Dude instead of showing us how you connect just show us how to connect with proper information .

  6. Undefined Gamer. says

    chal hi ni raha h… ready to display aake fir disconnect ho jata h or laptop me dikhata h.. "ANYCAST IS OFFLINE" kal 4 hours try kiya. nai ho raha h. reset bhi kiya

  7. 9B-24 Rafif Nail Habibi says


  8. Sarawut Iamrod says

    Very poor.

  9. Sebastiaan Antoni says

    Watched 3 times trying to understand the refreshing part and how there are 2 different screens scrolling. No idea how to connect though…..

  10. Melania Trump says

    can u extend or only duplicatè?

  11. Rurie Channel says


  12. nav3sux says

    where the hell is info?

  13. mdzahangir hussain says

    saala murakh


    Kya Kaha…kya dikhaya

  15. NOBLE CHRISTY says

    Need Internet connection?

  16. Ben Ben says

    Another thing worth to mention is that you can also Mirror Windows PC to Any Cast wirelessly by using AirMyPC software

  17. mdzahangir hussain says


  18. MrRusso says

    A fessa r mammata

  19. Edgar Olivares says

    queeeee malo

  20. X-MISMA-X says

    This tutorial SUCKS,. fucking learn English and WRITE thje Goddamn Directions!!!!!!!!!

  21. Elattar says

    Do you have a tongue to talk or you are deaf ..Bad

  22. gasmadiac says

    Huge delay, I have microsoft wireless display adapter v2 and its delay is < 5 miliseconds, but anycast seems to have more than 5 secs. it seems good for streaming movies, but not as 2nd screen on PC. Thanks.

  23. PL Ploke says

    waste of time.

  24. Alex Guinita Mampalawod says

    Not good tutorial, make it big screen.

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