How Tadej Pogačar Can Win The Tour de France | GCN's Racing News Show


To say the 2020 Tour de France has been dominated by the Slovenian pair of Tadej Pogačar and Primož Roglič would be an understatement. At the second rest day, they sit first and second on general classification and have three stage wins between them. With just one week of racing to go, it seems almost certain that one of these riders will wear the Maillot Jaune into Paris. With Roglič being heralded as the favourite to win since the season restart, what can Pogačar do to overhaul his compatriot and win his first Tour de France? On this week’s racing news show, we also look at Tirreno Adriatico, and catch up with the start of the 2020 Giro Rosa.

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  1. GCN Racing says

    What do you think? Will Tadej Pogačar win the 2020 Tour de France? Have your say in the GCN App:

  2. zijuiy wttuy says

    I picked a good year to gain an interest in the sport of cycling!! Thank you GCN for leading this horse to water.

  3. aho4fun says

    Primož lost chronometer stage for less than 9 s, but Tadej lost national stage for 10 s, TDF stage 17 show that Lopez can be dangerous also, but we will be in yellow at the end. #goslovenia

  4. Andy L says

    Teams and riders shouldn't make the call on riders with concussion surely. With the number of cameras if the incident is seen surely it could be reviewed by medical officials who make the call.

    Admittedly this would be a lot harder in a bunch crash, but then you could at least rule out instances like when the rider looks like he's taking his first steps after a crash.

  5. Syde Sarmiento says

    Come to think of it if Pogacar wins, he'll be taking 3 jerseys, yellow, white and polka-dot. Yeah nice and he'll be the youngest rider to win the tour even younger than Bernal, and not to mention the first Slovenian rider to do so.😲😲

  6. R H says

    By going faster then roglic

  7. Nikola Tesla says

    How many of the top 10 are lit?

  8. Gregax Krizman says

    Pogačar or Roglic winning TDF? For us Slovenians these are sweet problems…

  9. Cronulla Sharks says

    did bradley have a covid test ,he looked ill !!

  10. Carlos Figueroa says

    Is time to put Slovenia, in the world map!! Slovenia is been onder stimated, from the English, Germans, France, Italinas. portugal, Spains, Russians!

  11. 5 ER says

    Proud to be Slovenian😎🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮

  12. George Hugh says

    Excellent concussion discussion, Dan. Every time I thought you missed a point, you came back to find it.

  13. Edward Watson says

    Pogacar only won his National time trial by 9 seconds
    Not a whole lot of
    Time so I’m putting my money on Rolic to win the T de F

  14. Ray Beers says

    Much talk about concussion, yet none about the effectiveness of the crash helmets which would appear to offer little if any protection.

  15. Douglas Partello says

    Pogacar doesn't win, but he makes it interesting. That is barring a mechanical, or something unforseen by Roglic. Slovenian will be dancing in the streets, either way!

  16. Matej Schaffer says

    You have to know something about Slovenian time trial nationals..Pogacar swaped bikes for a normal bike mid way because there was a hill called Pokljuka, which is 6km long at grafient at 8%. Roglic on the other hand was riding the whole time trial on his time trial bike. So yes Pogacar beat Roglic but…

  17. laxsr2k6 says

    @8:37 Concussions are a retrospective clinical diagnosis. They are not revealed by "brain scan" aka CT or MRI. In the context of trauma, imaging like that would only serve to reveal a bleed or fracture. Baseline testing can be of use, but presents the issue of requiring 30-45 min off the bike after the incident.

  18. Mr. Wagteveld says

    Pogacar will not win this year or any year and I doubt if we will see Bernal ever back at the front. The guys are too young to carry this kind of success on their narrow shoulders. I would love to see Bernals training schedule of the last 6 months. You need to be abit older to win and stay upfront. Roglic and perhaps 1/2 others will dominate coming years. Perhaps Dumoulin will come back. But….Ineos buys everything and they might try to buy Dumoulin or Roglic or Kuss or Bennett or van Aert and break Jumbo this way.

  19. Alastair Olby says

    I really feel for poor Romain Bardet, and hope he's not going to suffer any long-term repercussions from having been allowed to continue. I had a knock to the head 7 years ago in a non-cycling accident but was allowed to continue on my very leisurely way. A day later bad post-concussion syndrome emerged, and lasted over a year. It's caused constant tinnitus too: knocks to the head need to be taken seriously, even without loss of consciousness. 

    Dan, you're spot on with the complexity of making the decision in the heat of the moment, particularly with the implications for the team. Two stumbles before getting back on his bike is rather tell-tale though.

  20. Verne Fits says

    Rooting for visma to win this TF

  21. Tommi Laakso says

    I don't know if Tadej can win, but I sure hope he does. As impressive as Jumbo-Visma has been, it would be much more impressive for Pogacar to win with much less help from his team than Roglic winning with so much talent behind (or more like ahead) of him.

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