How Much Can You Make Mining Bitcoin On Nvidia GTX Titan X



GTX Titan X –

Strong card, let’s see together how it does mining different coins and bitcoin.

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00:00 – Ehrling – Sthlm Sunset –
02:53 – Ehrling – Stay Forever Ft. Yohanna Seifu –
06:06 – Ehrling – All I Need –

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  1. Alex Caceres Perez says

    Thats a 20% return a month on your cash.

  2. Dragzilla 66 says

    Pretty dope.

  3. Reese Official says

    What will happen if i dont install power supply.

  4. Jacob schmidt says

    Got this card for 300$

  5. Mike Buck says

    i am thinking of buying 15 titan x sc's they are about 800 on amazon.

  6. Black Vibes Matter says

    What motherboard to you have guy?

  7. Black Vibes Matter says

    A solar generator with 1,500 wats can run that without running your bill up too high

  8. cu î says

    Can you please post the specs on the test machine, OS version and driver versions?

  9. Nogard says

    How much can i earn with this gpu in 6 hours ?

  10. MrOffensive says

    I think something is wrong with this card. Ehh piriform speccy shows that the card has only 4gb of vram?

  11. Chillypuwn says

    The 0.1 before getting payed is only to external wallets. Its 0.001 for internal wallets.

  12. Robert Beres says

    You say you do not use nice look at your balance. It clearly show how much you have mined that day

  13. sam goh says

    im pretty sure they have 12gb vram

  14. Zipsoon says

    @HowMuchBitcoin how now work GTX Titan X?
    better then gtx 1080ti?
    thanks for info 🙂

  15. Milan Aleksic says

    120 C mobo lol 😀

  16. Pan Huragan says

    Will return after a year. Plus other components which makes 2 years. Not bad? It’s freaking bad

  17. Extreme Hardware says

    This is TITAN X Maxwell GM200, 10% faster than GTX 980Ti. You should make test on TITAN X Pascal 2016 (5% faster than 1080Ti) or TITAN Xp 2017 (10% faster than 1080Ti). TITAN X Maxwell is slower 60% than 1080Ti…

  18. Kristofer Stoll says

    Dude… That is a Maxwell Titan X… Not a Pasacal Titan X! There is also a Pascal Titan Xp and a Volta Titan V… But the one you bought is 2 generations old… I own a Pascal Titan X and it is totally different then yours. For starter the heat sheild has green accents on it. Yours does not. That card ( your Titan X Maxwell) is comparable to a GTX1070…

  19. BECADEMY says

    my titan x mines 44mhs in nicehash but in claymore ethereum it goes very down like 5.06 mhs what should i do??

  20. Daniyal Tahir says

    which power supply v need for 13 or 6 cards

  21. Focken Focker says

    Mining 4 fun? Hell n0! If I’m gonna mine it’s make $ 💵

  22. Brale Sina says

    Great video! Titan X is a beast. 1DKoiCxMU64JYM43SwZZ3KgGkTvzjiFMeV

  23. SM MMPUC says

    What is the internet required per day and speed

  24. Saleem K.M says

    Great job Man…

  25. Randy Kittelson says

    Wait what the f did you say?? 1500$ mining before nicehash pays me??? I thought it said at 0.001 pay me… which is around 13$

  26. Bitcoin Plug says


  27. Justin Merrill says

    Think thats the older last gen titan bro,,not titan Xpascal thats why its so power hungry

  28. Omran Gheddah says

    I didn't know NiceHash had another hack , are you raffling this nice graphic card?

  29. Leon de Blaauw says

    cheap I may get a titan X for 450-500 xD

  30. Green blue says

    i am having low budget 🙁
    for building a mining computer

  31. Green blue says

    you have bought it cheap man, here in Germany it costs still 999Euros. damn it. here they take shit load of money. one side the exchange second side the price.

  32. Hicham El-Ouali says

    where is my BCC/BTC bro? I will try my luck again :

    thanks champ!

  33. marvelv212 says

    Yo you look like Iron Sheek. With that naz1 mustache and that accent. Good god.

  34. Online Ghost says

    good tips

  35. Dexter DCruz says

    What is the belkin lcd device you used? that shows wattage usage and $ value?

  36. Occluvania O' Laveste says

    Bro…. use the internal wallet it gets withdrawed to that if you make over $15…

  37. Hack Shak says

    Good Graphics card👍

  38. Jason Wegner says

    I have a 1070 and it's pretty nice for Ethereum.

  39. Thomas Patterson says

    Ty for your advice great video man

  40. Vladimir Putin says

    Titan makes $4 p/d and you are happy? Come on man. Regular GTX 1080 makes ~$6.50 per day. Turn on your CPU also it will give you $1.50 extra

  41. 0xc1d3 says

    You got ripped that's a maxwell 12g gddr5 not pascal 11gb gddr5x or titan x please like your video states

  42. K.B. SHOW says

    thanks bro u help alot

  43. Henry Powell says

    Happy New Year

  44. Zion says

    You can now instantly transfer your nicehash to coinbase after .00105 with no cost. I'm making $17-19/day using 2x OC 1080 ti

  45. Kiran Jain says

    is there anu web portal or way to directly communicate sir

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