How Lifestyles & Sentiments Work in The Sims 4 (New Personality Feature)


Lifestyles and Sentiments are a new feature coming to the Sims 4 that enhances how your sims respond, how they live and more!

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  1. OshinSims says

    I had so much fun covering these new features coming to The Sims 4! I hope you all enjoy this video and think about all the stories you’ll be able to tell with your sims! #JustKeepSimming 🌊

  2. Zee Bubblez says

    oh you have a very lovely voice

  3. justiceingeneral says

    Is this an update for console too??

  4. Katrice perkins says

    Wow, they’re petty for not giving everyone lifestyles!

  5. Mãex x3 says

    I wish they add zodiac personality like in sims 2 and 3 🥺❤

  6. Celestine Richardson says

    Is this for the new update or u have to have snowy escape

  7. Jenny says

    My toddler refuses to be around her mother because she has a hurt sentiment towards said mother all because she tried to comfort her during a storm.

  8. TurtlePride one of them says

    really upset lifestyles isnt base game 🙁 they feel like extra traits the game was missing and the fact that they are flexible is so cool! sentiments are really nice though, it already has made gameplay better for me

  9. Zand says

    Excellent video!

  10. hazy kitten says

    I use to find myself struggling to stay interested in the sims the past two years but now with sentiments I'm addicted once again. I'm glad EA is headed in the right direction so they can keep taking my money lol

  11. Hannah Cabana says

    do sentiments disappear over time? a lot of mine go away!

  12. Jupiter Snoot says

    One thing I think could be even better is that your sim's reactions to certain events change depending on their traits. A sim with the hotheaded trait would react with anger to cheating, for example.

  13. Mel4simsbuilds says

    I'm in love with the lifestyles and.. I must say, I love your voice!👌🏻

  14. catstar14 says

    Thank you for this short straight to the point video. It was lovely and gave me everything I needed.

  15. Jazzanie Trujillo says

    brb, cheating a bunch of lifestyles for my already existing sims

  16. APRIL S says

    Wow, it took them just like 6 years ^^

  17. uwu says

    thank you so much for this video (i was confused how this new stuff worked aha)!! your voice is so calming, and i loved the pacing/editing of it too!! definitely subscribing! :3

  18. whothehelliskayleigh says

    I’ve been slacking on videos lately meawhile Oshin has beeb spoiling us 😭 time to binge ✨ Anyways- I immediately bought the pack when it came out which is so rare for me and I took my own eco family to the new world and they got a sentiment cause I had them play in the snow and it was the cutest thing. It honestly makes the sims so much more real. Also this video was super informational thank you wavy mama 🌊 also like I had my sim sit down and read and she got a mindful moodlet. Plus whenever my sim is around her son she gets a moodlet saying she’s happy to be around him. It’s great.

  19. Do Not ? Me says

    First time watching one of yours vids and just had to say, your voice is so relaxing. Like I listen to Luuvie Ajayi’s podcast to keep myself relaxed and I briefly was like, “step aside Luuvie, there’s a new voice in town”

  20. R1 09 says

    Great stuff. Thank you for explaining the new features so briefly. Have a nice day

  21. Nicole Cater says

    Your voiceee 🥰

  22. Watch Me Do says

    Sentiments look fantastic! As soon as gurus fix the game crashing (😅) I’ll be playing around with them

  23. Dis cringy dude says

    For Christmas I’m asking my mom for snowy escape. Hopefully I get it!

  24. Tiny Raindrop ღ says

    this is the best thing about the sims 4 so far <3 i love it

  25. Ethereal Plumbob says

    This is an amazing addition! I am super excited!!

  26. elizabeth ツ says

    Her voice is so nice 😭🥺

  27. Lauren Villacorta says

    I have a question! Can Anyone answer? I see sims gain sentiments. But can also loose them. I see the bar slowly go down. What does that mean?

  28. Cronus says

    So- wait this kinda feels like a memory system… A pretty nifty way of implementing it!

  29. Kawan Brownlee says

    Just imagine your SIM that you are currently controlling cheats on his wife while she is in the same room as him I had this to happen to me I got my sims set on free rome I only intervene when I need to but I still control them it happened at the gym I didn't notice he did that until I saw the reaction from my sims wife yep it can can happened especially if you got free rome sims turned on in the options like me

  30. Isis Bonner says

    You have just earned a new subscriber! The way you narrate your videos and show off information is amazing! thank you!

  31. G.O.T says

    Do they lose their lifestyle after awhile? Like if the sim stop drinking coffee or start eating junk food?

  32. Danielle Fowler says

    First off, you have an excellent voice for this. I switched from video to video because the person(s) voice was too distracting. Yours is perfect.
    Second, kudos to EA Sims 4 team!!! Finally some personality! I seriously was losing interest in Sims 4 because of this. Sims 3 kinda spoiled me and they tease us with that for this set of Sims games. So I am so so pleased. And the ethnic hairstyles and cultural additions, this is what was missing! Will gladly purchase this pack!

  33. LovlyQueen593 says

    Your narrations very southing and informative, ahhhh can’t wait to get sentiments in the next update 😄😄😄. I’m about to cause some family drama 😆

  34. Vicente Bravo says

    Ok but the voice over is so soothing omg. The way you explaining this so well using the sims as an example, for a moment I thought this was an original EA video!

  35. dia rami says

    how do you do the intensive cheats thingyyy ??!?!?!? ;(

  36. Emanuela Sayuri says

    THANK YOU! Now I know how sentiments work, and I love it!

  37. icecream lover says


  38. Kate R says

    What computer do you play the Sims 4? The graphics are so good!!

  39. Judah Osboja says

    Duuude this is so cool it sounds like a mod! I kept looking for the download link.

  40. Naeombi Writes says

    You make great videos like this. I like how you carry them out
    Excited to see what else you do on your channel. New subscriber hereeee😁

  41. ThatsHome says

    i wonder how this will affect adoption in The Sims 4

  42. Paul Anderson says

    this is such a good review! Thank you for talking in depth about the Sentiments! I agree that cheating on a spouse was brushed off badly in this game. The depth and the very real lasting consequences sentiments add to the game will make going back through and replaying existing sim relationships a lot of fun. Also, you have an awesome voice!

  43. Aurora Chanel says

    Really wish they would’ve added more traits and the ability to have more traits. But this is better than nothing I guess 🙄

  44. sara franco says

    amazing video, thank you!!! also, how do your sims take their shoes off when they go inside?

  45. Aerin says

    Wicked Whims is going to have a blast with this new personality updates 😭😂💀

  46. Ajay Che says

    I thought this was an EA tutorial 🤣 well explained! Thank you❤️

  47. Britt N says

    I’m so excited

  48. Jillian Molyneaux says

    I felt like the lifestyles should’ve been a free update rather than part of the Snowy Escape pack. Since this type of game feature should be part of base game pack in the first place.

  49. Isha Thompson says

    Oshin your narrator is amazing as always! ❤️🔥

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