How I Find Players in Non-League in FM21 | Football Manager 2021 Transfers Guide


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One of the most common questions I’m asked in the comments is how I find such good players when managing in non-league on FM21. In this video I take you through an entire first transfer window with National League South side Bath City on Football Manager 2021 to show you how I find players, how I scout them, and how I manage the finances to make sure I can afford them!

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  1. Trainer Zard. says

    The length of the videos should be smaller mate. Cant watch all the way

  2. ferretboy900 says

    Trying to get some players on trial on the x box version but it doesn't bring up that option any help would be appreciated thanks

  3. Stephen Reader says

    A great help, thank you.

  4. T Walton says

    Ctrl A -> right click -> offer trial

    Saves you going through each individual player to offer a trial

  5. Andrew Wilkie says

    Great Video, got me back to playing FM for the 1st time since Champ man 4. What do you do for non-league training, all a bit confusing to me. Everyone has super ideas for training every day, when you can only train twice a week I'm not sure what to do. thanks again.

  6. Josh Sneddon says

    Brilliant advice, especially the DoF suggestions!

  7. Daily Futbol News says

    oh I see u r also a new day woth those booty'o

  8. w0rduph0mes says

    Fantastic video Kev. Nice job!

  9. Danni Nielsen says

    I love when you do these videos 🙂 But i do have to give a bit of constructive criticism. A video showing how to sign players should not have jumpcuts where you come back after you have signed a few more players. You should show the signing process and jumpcut somewhere else. I also have a tiny advice which i actually dont know have any effect or not. But when you get to the screen where players say that they want to be an important first teamer or which ever role he wants. Try to lower that one step to a regular starter. It can make them ask for a little less wages. But absolutely loved this video and i hope for more similar in the future from you 🙂

  10. YS053rious says

    Recently started watching your videos, I've been playing fm since they broke away from champ man and I've never seen an in depth video on this before would love to see more stuffs on how you approach different aspects of the game!! And thank you for a clear and precise run through

  11. Pete Taylor says

    Great content Kev 👆🏻🤛🏻

  12. Luke Mads says

    Reason players are hard to sell at non-league level is because they are semi-pro so in reality its hard for them to move because of work and family

  13. Luke Mads says

    That's…. not how you say bath…….

  14. runandjump13 says

    Always had a problem with lower/non-league star ratings, as they're dependent on an Ass.Man who's stats are woeful…

  15. Dan Gleeson says

    I usually take out the other clauses as well and just pay £25-50 a week more on the salary so then I'm not paying for apprence and clean sheet etc bonuses.

  16. Josh Conway says

    I needed this video. Now can you show how to do this from unemployed cause my first job always ends up take 2 months or more and all the good free transfers are gone

  17. Jack Smith says

    How do you get the rubbish players to agree to leave?

  18. Scott Chiverton says

    Hi Kev. Do you set the scout assignments yourself or just let the Chief scout sort out who they look for?

  19. Kian R6 says

    Would this be the same for the next season when you get promoted or is that a totally different ball game

  20. Joseph Banks says

    Loving these types of videos

  21. Joao Silva says

    Thanks Kev

  22. J B says

    Thank you so much for this lower league Scottish clubs are a nightmare and I really want to start my career in the lower leagues to make it more authentic. Fantastic work teaching a newbie to the game

  23. Arminage Shikoba says

    I actually bypassed the 30 player trials by sending the 30 players to the reserves.
    Then I got more, I had around 60+ trialists at a time, cause If I didn't like the look of them I cancelled the trial straight away.

  24. Kyle Bullingham says

    Can someone help I’m currently at Glenavon in Northern Ireland and I’m £500 under my wage budget but the debt is going up what can I do

  25. Chris Bwee says

    Really helpful video! I've always struggled with llm recruitment, but you have a great process for it that I plan to steal. Ta muchly!!

  26. Wilson Scraddock says

    I don't care what they say on Reddit. Kev is a good guy and he deserves respect.

  27. Alvaro Correa says

    As for trialists.. I’ve had more than 80 at one point. As long as you’re not signing more than 30 per day, you should be fine

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