How Creepy Crawler Sour Gummy Worms are Made | Unwrapped | Food Network


You won’t believe how these gummy worms are molded into their shape!
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How Creepy Crawler Sour Gummy Worms are Made | Unwrapped | Food Network

  1. Brialee Barrus says

    This was my favorite show as a kid. I wish they had full episodes 😭

  2. Anna Schubert says

    "Especially popular with the under 12 set."

    Also single women in their 30s.


    Malik acid


    Yes their good pucker gummy’s other weird one fish 🎣 bait. I’m in a pickle having type 2 diabetes you can’t enjoy an occasional favorite candy. What candy companies need to do is figure out by using Splenda plant 🌱 based sugars still get the flavors without the harmful sugars. My diet drinks like Mountain Dew thank God. But they need to quit using syrup go back to being pure look at the things that are in it. Much less pronounce your drinking chemicals that make people bloat and retain water. Things like taffy can be made healthier for kids and adults for the holidays get the flavor and the sweet with out the chemicals better preservatives that way doctors won’t fuss nor dentists with sweets 🍭 without long term damages

  5. Drew Conway says

    Horse hooves and food coloring and fake flavorings and sugar! And which way to chemotherapy?

  6. DJ Mc Lantern 181 says

    Look good

  7. Monique Covington says

    Oh the 80s was not about candy..poor Wilfred. Monique Archey

  8. Accelerator says

    kinda cool.

  9. Justin Ying says

    I love gummy Worm there the most fun candy ever I can eat that all the time so gummy chewy and sour it best part so gooooood perfect treat for halloween

  10. Cecily Erker says

    What was the original air date of this episode? Some time in the early 2000s?

  11. Kyairah Crawford says

    I bet Marc spit the gummy out after his intro

  12. yurushii says

    Gummi bears are my passion. They are my guilty pleasure snack.

  13. Empire Reviews Company says

    That's so tight even the biggest comp never don't have to measure y'all advanced

  14. Maya’s Making Moves says

    I am literally going through withdrawal from gummy worms right now and then I see this!!!! The temptation to give in has increased.

  15. Mom-daughter vlogging and cooking says

    Bachon baron ke manpasand boht hi umda fries banayen asan recipe se:
    Watch and subscribe plz🙏

  16. Alicia Chambers says

    big like video 😈😹

  17. Thomas Family Bond says

    Love gummies thank u for the information wow.

  18. Mary Love says

    I love the sour gummy worms

  19. Nyla Frank-Rodgers says

    Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  20. Allen Trice says

    That's exactly what I have in mind for popular treats! 🍬🍭🍬🍫🍬🍭🍬🍫

  21. cooking ideas with mayssa says

    Wow, good to know

  22. n mc says

    Wow, huge money goes into these machines and technology. Very fascinating !

  23. Sir Robert Robertson says

    Have not seen this for a long time. / I am a Vegan and I also make Gummy Bears buy using Fruit Juice & Agar Powder from my Cookbook. Thanks for the vlog. Cheers.!

  24. faith levingtson says

    I miss this show

  25. Passion for food says

    Especially popular with the under 12 set..

    Shut up, don't you judge me! 😜

  26. Talaheart Tesora says

    A gummy worm shape with precise taste color and flavor.

  27. A J says

    Yeee haaaaaa them done my favorite lost that done many tooth done eating this done to much yeee haaaa taste miteyy find with whisky yeee haaaa you done try them real worms it done taste same just put done sugar yeee haaaa

  28. Avoya says

    Gelatin is made of pig fat, which means gummies are not meat free…

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