House Built on Lava ? Can I Survive Every Disaster Roblox Video Game


Today in Roblox I’m teaming up with my cookie fans to see if we can survive every single disaster that we come across in Roblox. There will be floods, there will be tornados, there will be an exploding moon? Why would someone build their house on lava? This is survive the disasters! I hope you like this random fun roleplay video! 😀
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  1. misbah mandlik says

    Thanks cookie for making me laugh whenever I am sad 😄😄😄

  2. Kelllzzz K says


  3. Jumwa Gonnah says

    i love your vids

  4. Santiago Chavarria says

    Wow cokie

  5. Luke Macmillan says


  6. fati events coordination says

    but i don have a laptop 😭😭😭😭

  7. Benny Singh says

    CookieSwirlC please add me to your friend list in roblox

  8. Leo’s A-typical World says

    Always be happy 🍪

  9. Violet Game play xd lol says

    0:36 she fell lol

  10. Villamina Tadros says

    🤕 Thank you can you please add me a robot

  11. Amy Flinn says

    I really like your videos

  12. Amy Flinn says

    Please except

  13. Rokaya Mahmoud says

    Play flee the Facility

  14. peiling Aw says

    Join your game

  15. peiling Aw says

    Cookie i add you

  16. Kaiko Bartolome says

    I also play nature dasaters

  17. Ameena Genette Hebron says

    Cookie I have 2 house☺☺

  18. Isabella Goncalves says


  19. Lord Xbox One says

    Cookie your the best

  20. Alira Peransi says

    Cookie you warm my heart everyday I watch your day 😋😊

  21. Tiffany Hodges says


  22. Dorothy Duncan says

    I love you and your dogs and horses

  23. Kim Stevens says


  24. Andres Jänes says

    His not just tall hes on someones head lol 6:50

  25. love you says

    Love you so much and hope you are enjoying

  26. Brittany belfonte says

    I love you

  27. IZZI MONZTER says

    Cookie your the best

  28. IZZI MONZTER says

    Cookie you always change your skin

  29. MermaidUnderwater says

    I’m bored of the Covid-19 are you?

  30. Andrea Hunter says


  31. LAILA MORAN says

    No fair lots of fans get to play but not me

  32. Juan Torres says


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