Hotshot Racing: A Successor to Sega's Golden Era Racers? – Every Console Tested!


It’s a real blast from the past. Developers Lucky Mountain Games and Sumo Digital have crafted a fine tribute to Sega’s best racers of the 90s. You can catch flashes of Outrun and Virtua Racing, all blended into a modernised arcade racer at 60fps. Flat shaded textures and low polygon models are the order of the day – as John and Tom discuss.

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  1. Nintenboy01 says

    I ended up refunding because the game doesn't support higher than 60FPS and has poor framepacing even on a FreeSync display. Also controls don't feel that good to me.

  2. Zenny 2097 says

    rubber banding ai spoils this game

  3. LiK says

    This game came outta no where. Makes me all nostalgic for the old racers.

  4. SpartanX360 says

    Looks like the Dreamcast should had looked like before..

  5. Blatherskite says

    Nice enough game but my main gripe (apart from the AI) is: why the heck are all the tracks so damn FLAT? There are none of the awesome hills and valleys that you got in games like OutRun 2 or Rage Racer, only ever the slightest of inclines, as you can see in the video. Honestly, you'd think a track that's in the "Mountain" zone with a name like "Ski Paradise" might have a bit of incline to be seen but nope, flat as a Mode 7 SNES game, like the rest.

  6. Cafeman says

    I haven't gotten to play this yet, but the more videos I see of it, the less appealing it becomes. I am not getting the fast 90s racing sensation like with Virtua Racing or Daytona USA from these videos. One of the comments stated it reminded him of the last Sonic racing game which is not what I want to play to be honest.

  7. Picklewiickle. says

    sold their souls to the devil.lost all rep they made. allso the hole review community now hate them.funny

  8. Juan Francisco Gonzales Salas says


  9. BartTrzynadlowski says

    This looks awesome! However, I do think the track design should have incorporated significantly more banks and slopes, whose presence gave Daytona USA a unique feel that wasn't fully replicated in the sequel. Scud Race also employed steeply banked turns extensively along with inclines/declines (e.g., the mountain track and the beginner day track). From the video footage of this title, the courses seem rather flat.

  10. bug3ater1 says

    This needs to be in VR.

  11. Juice419 says

    trust me this game is awesom. id never heard of it til it hit gamepass but ive been going hard on it. i wish they would resurrect San Fransisco Rush now that was my fav racing game.

  12. smash461986 says

    Was that Opimus Prime half way through the video?

  13. Dimi says

    This looks dumb and not fun at all. Why not do an Ultimate Race Pro or Motorhead remake?

  14. Slimey-One says

    Speaking of Outrun 2; a switch port or remaster for modern consoles would be pretty sweet.Or maybe a sequel 😀

  15. Samuel HMF says

    Horizon Chase its better. The designer and color are more beautifull.

  16. Kougeru says

    I don't understand how base consoles can't run a game that looks like this at native 1080p.

  17. Rogier Kahlmann says

    The Switch version I have absolutely has framerate-issues. Not just in the multiplayer.

  18. Adam Baldwin says

    This reminds me of Horizon Chase Turbo, which has the same kind of flat-shaded aesthetics, but that game plays pretty much exactly like Top Gear on the SNES (even the music is a dead match).

  19. Dudu Lins says

    Look a lot like Horizon Chase Turbo, even though is a different style of gameplay

  20. iPlaySEGA says

    I had the luck to play the beta some weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I still hope for Nicalis's 90's Arcade Racer…

  21. Tomi Somolu says

    Like!Like very much!!!

  22. Bt3615 says

    Two words: rubber banding.

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