1. Yulanda Williams says

    That last clip was kinda funny, until I saw the driver got hurt then I stopped laughing

  2. eeffzzyy says

    I love horse racing
    The Sport of Kings.

  3. hevos hullu says


  4. luotpa says

    kaikki van tulle päälle vaikka näkke sen ja se yksi loukantu varman pahasti

  5. Ashanti Kano says

    Poor horses😢😢😢🐎🐎🐎🐎

  6. Laurent Bertin says

    les povre

  7. Dave R says

    That's racing there will be wrecks

  8. DJKennyTheJuggler says

    I hope no horses were hurt.

  9. The Red Sphinx says

    Stupid horses.

  10. Nobody says


  11. Nobody says

    STUPID RICH PEOPLE. I sincerely hope somebody shoot those riders in the head. JUST FUCK YOU

  12. lpgft says

    Harness racing is just a terrible idea ! 

  13. knowitallabouthorses says

    Your right, but i have worked along side race horses for years. They will get up and keep running if they are injured. Go For Wand broke her leg and kept running. let me name some Barbaro, Ruffian, Sharp Beauty (who died) and many more.

  14. knowitallabouthorses says

    Were the horses okay? i probably would have freaked out if i owned a horse and they broke down.

  15. knowitallabouthorses says

    Do you have anything better to do than accuse a sport of abuse when you know NOTHING about that sport? ALL sports are dangerous deal with it.

  16. knowitallabouthorses says

    Well said. the last video i saw all the comments said "hahaha those are so funny" i left a comment saying that those horses were shot and killed so it's not really funny. Oh wait the idiots who left those comments were NASCAR drivers and NOT jockeys. My friend is training to be a jockey so if you have any tips you can PM me and i will get them to her. i grew up next to a training/breeding yard for race horses. there nice animals. i love their company, there better than humans.

  17. june benson says

    division table in the first acceent was my horse, there legs are not tied together. They are pacers and they wear hobbles to help them stay on gate. free legged pacers are a rare site because if they do not have hobbles on they run when they have to go faster. hobbes only keep them on gate and are sized according to how long the horses gate is.
    they do not hider them in any way just keep them on the pace.

  18. AnetteAronsson88 says

    I will probably be hated and missunderstood by many by saying this but:

    "Probably there wouldn't be as many accidents in this version of horse race if the horses' legs weren't forced/tied together to only be moved in one certain order"

    There, I said it. :O I'm not against this sport in any extreme way, just think it gets a bit too much at some times? Let the horse run in a gait it can keep without ropes around its' legs.

  19. Alex Graystone says

    horses fall all the time but they almost always get up after unless they break a bone but they wouldn' run if they got it hurt by the whip the go go and go until its ob]ver very tamed animals and accindents happen i hate when they happen but if they';re ok them im ok but ig]f they're not then im not ok and would do anything i could do to help

  20. Tiipaa says

    and yes, i was trotting with my mare when we falled down, on winter.. She didnt hurt or got injured.. She LOVES trotting! : )

  21. Tiipaa says

    it doesnt mean all of them are idiots, so dont judge when you dont even know what you're talking about! I, started with riding, coz its sometimes cruel, really, i am now starting trotting, and yes, horse would NOT trot fast, if you dont treat them right,they would canter/gallop so easily! So, judge AFTER you know everything.. Make sure you're always right and the best : ) Okay,i have said what i wanted, k thanks bye.

  22. Zombie Rant says

    I know for a fact you can make a horse run when it would rather not. They are flight animals. When they get scared they run. Easy.

  23. bmannn63 says

    human beings die racing cars…..ban all auto racing??

  24. MrJalesi says

    @MsDancegenie I personally worked with harness racers that a friend owns. They take good care of their horses and, yes, they push them to give their best but the horses LOVE it. They love to go out on the track and just get to run. They sale retired racers to be casual riding horses. They simply can't afford to keep horses who preform poorly. Just because SOME owners are bad and only in it for profit doesn't mean all of them are. Yes, there are dangers but all sports involve risks.

  25. yuukihime says


  26. MsDancegenie says

    All horse and dog racing is cruel and very dangerous, these horses just break down because they are pushed over their limits. Dog racing is just as bad, the conditions in which they are kept is disgraceful. Kept in small cages until the next race.All these animals are used like machines to get the fastest times possible. Some race horses are put to the test when they are about 1.5 to 2yrs of age! They are pushed and pushed, some just break down and end up being destroyed or sent to slaughter.

  27. dtiydr says

    The horses reacted faster to avoid the obstical then the drivers.. cool.

  28. JadeyFletch says

    I hate this type of horse racing, I prefer the one where the jockey is on their backs :L Atleast in flat and steeple chase racing they can throw the jockey off if they get distressed and break free somewhere. But in this type of racing, they can't go anywhere :/

  29. vixitrixalina says

    i'm not against the sport at all, i love flat and jump racing myself but i do worry that these harness horses have accidents and cannot free themselves. the last accident shown here proves my point as the horses are trapped on the ground in their harness'.

  30. Lykka17 says

    @Colleen4207 um just to tell you, that kind of bred do trot like that from birth. we bred them. they are bred to spred their hindlegs so they can pass on the outside of the frontlegs, this is how they can trot so fast. and yes they do this from birth. i've seen seen foals 1 or two days old do it. it is natural to them. i'm not trying to put you down or anything, it's your right to have your own opinion. just wanted you to know that it's natural to them

  31. Lykka17 says

    @123Secretariat care to explain why harness racing is more dangerous than for example showjumping or barrelracing? i'm not trying to to be mean or anything, but i work with it, and it really isn't more dangerous than any other sport involving live animals

  32. Steve - says

    @funshipM174 Better than most people? Last time I checked most people don't get whipped, or sent to the abattoir if they are past their best.

  33. MrLolleri says

    in part 1.35 does horses die? :0

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