History of computers – A Timeline


A timeline from the first computer, The Turing Machine, to the 1970’s.
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  1. Nahush H. M says

    thanks for information

  2. Aatifa Anjum says

    First generation : Vacuum tubes
    Second gen. : transistors
    Third gen. : intergrated circuits
    Fourth : microprocessors
    Fifth : humanoids,robots.

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    Why do we need to study of computer history

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  15. Uzair Qarni says

    Hello. Could we use this video and dub it in Urdu. We are running a free program for impovrished students in rural Punjab on basic digital literacy.


    This video do not go with this kind of music

  17. Cadel Howlett says

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  18. Leandro Nosei says

    Anybody else think of Random excess memories when they said RAM? The Album by daft punk, I mean?

  19. Mewtwonick10 says

    I think the assembly language was the first programming language humans could read



  21. Basketball Vibes says

    0:55 refrigerators

  22. Basketball Vibes says

    0:46 BYTES per second, not bits per second.

  23. Diana Vázquez says

    must interesting

  24. Claire Davis says

    i love it and it helped me

  25. amrouch amrouch says

    The tuning machine is the first ever computer enginnered to combat the encriptions made by nazi's engima machine in 1939
    The eniac is the first general purpose computer took the space of a huge room and it's task was to calculate artilery firing tables in 1946
    The modem
    The early modems were used by the US Air Force in 1949 but the first commercial ones were made a decade later
    The first hard drive is made in 1957 for a whopping 10000$
    The mouse first started using a trackball by a team led in 1964
    In 1968 Robert h dennard's invention greatly increased memory density at the cost of volatility and RAM was born
    The arpanet was the dad of the internet we all know and love .four differnt computers linked up at that time with the message "lo" rather than login as they planned due to the a not so powerful system he is made in 1969
    The intel 4004 was the first commercially available microprocessor made by Federico faggin in 1971
    The altair 8800 is the first personnal computer basic on the intel 8008 cpu ran on the altair basic,200khz to 800khz he is made in 1975

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