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Richard Hammond proudly introduces his newly invented sport – historic people carrier racing! Watch all the the carnage from the messy race in action in this full high quality video on the BBC Top Gear YouTube channel, and visit for all the latest news and car reviews.

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  1. Joel Palacios says

    My mom used to have Toyota previa it's super charge lol 😂💀

  2. Drone Tours says

    When I see the Espace It reminds me of the TESLA Cybertruck

  3. Justin COLE says

    Finally a good use for minivans/people carriers 🤣

  4. Vive La Citroën says

    Those poor Espaces! 🙁

  5. mccrackenphillip says

    I believe Espace was equivalent to U.S. Dodge Caravan Plymouth Voyager van

  6. Stanojevic Naxy says

    If this ever became professional racing series, Car and Driver may not have written about it… But Karen Driver woman be interested.

  7. Vicenzito says

    5:10 kids in forza horizon multiplayer be like

  8. Lug Dame says

    Top gear UK and the trio is the BEST Top gear USA is like ***t

  9. G I Doe says

    Richard Hammond, could’nt even get your facts this time around

  10. Legit Plays says

    5:10 Forza Horizon players be like

  11. Kyle Soler says

    Love to see something like this but with Crossovers.

  12. Nahuel Kimmich says

    I love how the title says "no mature content"

  13. Ken Lux says

    Here in tthe US…Dodge Caravan, Ford Aerostar, Chevrolet Astro, Toyota Previa, Honda Odyssey, Nissan Quest (superior to the Serena), Mazda MPV, and VW Vanagon.

  14. Amit Singh says

    My cousin's 3.8l Dodge Grand caravan.

  15. Benedikt Windisch says

    Much more fun than Formula Hamilton… They should do it again many VW Sharan's, Espaces, Seat Alhambra, Ford Galaxy, Opel/Vauxhall Zafira, Toyota Previas, Pontiac Trans Sports from the 90s out there on our yunkyards. You have to refresh the series!

  16. Ek Bass says


  17. Draggy654 says

    Hammond is no doubt very talented at driving

  18. Felix Vendelbo says

    What about the VW bus…

  19. w brewer says

    The Espace didn't "revolutionize" anything – the people carrier concept was probably invented by VW, and even the numbskulls at Chrysler had the Caravan on the market a year before the Espace. Fun though….

  20. 0 0 says

    If this was the first people carrier, why did hammond beat up a toyota picnic in the grand tour ???

  21. Link Knight says

    As the owner of a hyundai trajet….. minivans are MADE TO BE converted into vehicles you can sleep in. Mine is complete with water tank, sink, second battery, freezer, and I had a stove which I took out (my stupid skinny strap rubbed thru with all the movement while driving after a few months).

  22. No Troll says

    Mk I Espaces have become so rare now that it"s a pity they raced these to death…

  23. Boris Licina says

    Hammond: The Espace was the first people carrier and revolutionised the car industry.VW Transporter T1-T4 were available as 9-seaters since about 1951

  24. Pablo Tassinari says

    the espace is before of the dodge caravan???

  25. Google Account says

    Did anyone see the cock roach running for its life up the back glass?

  26. Richard Naujoks says

    "People Carriers are killing off the Hatchback and the Saloon car."Well that was a freezing cold take.

  27. Naveen Kumar says

    It has wheels like Ferrari

  28. Daniel says

    Top Gear: organises a race involving some questionable cars Tom Chilton: Well hello there

  29. Redline Rich says

    Nissan Qashqai is the new Espace. Millions of them, ugly & boring…

  30. Grayson DuBose says

    y'all call minivans people carriers?

  31. jack cloud says

    Hammond really was my favourite presenter back then he didn t try and act like he did later on

  32. Samet says

    We need to celebrate Espace.Espace F1: am i a joke to you?

  33. Matouš Litera says

    We could do this with old SUVs in 2020!

  34. Meyaka Brown says

    I don't care. I'll race anything on a rally course and have fun.

  35. High Overlord Snarffie Beagle says

    I used to have a 86 Mercury Cougar with a very wore out 6 cylinder that took 28 seconds to get to 60. I know that pain of a ultra slow car. I refused to drive it onto a freeway and merge into traffic going 70+ mph.

  36. Leprosu Gnome says

    I'm so glad this trash got out of fashion quickly

  37. Coastaku says

    "Now they sell in their millions and are slowly killing off the Hatchback"Looking back from 2020 Yeah… They didn't see the SUV Revolution coming, did they?

  38. Палец Феттеля says

    Rob Huff isn't that the guy from WTCR?

  39. bknights says

    I'm glad none or almost none at least to my knowledge never made it to the usa

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