Hilarious Geek Squad Parody Computer Repair Comedy Sketch (long version)


Call the best company in L.A. for your IT needs ( Computer Repair can be a roulette wheel. Calling the Geek Squad is putting your valuable computer and information in a stranger’s hands. You never know who is going to come to your door. This hilarious spoof on The Geek Squad will have you rolling on the floor laughing. Professionally produced by Six 14 Productions and starring Justin Sloggatt, many thanks to all involved with this excellent productoion.

  1. Special Touch Computer Repair says

    How old is your computer? 2 years. Get it a walker! Lmao

  2. Bond James Bond says

    LMAO!!! Having worked in the IT field for over 22 years. I can assure you that there are really idiots who claim to fix pc issues like these two who have absolutely no clue how to repair computers. WOW!!!

  3. Joel says

    Where did you get NASCAR 2003 footage?

  4. Anupam Bharti says

    I"m gonna name my child pc fixer …..lol ……

  5. sarmen b says

    lol just get a mac. dont waste time with a pc

  6. D Wilson says


  7. Toby Slave says


  8. Midnight's Corner says

    The video length is 4:04. I see what you did there.

  9. ProfessorNeuwave says


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