High Stakes – Full Movie


A girl named Lydia gives shelter to a young boy who has probably met with an accident. She takes him home for help.
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However, things change for Lydia as the boy murders her father. Shocked and grief stricken she runs to the local church, where Reverend Clegg offers her shelter. What happens to the young Lydia Does all go well with her What’s in store in this exciting and gripping tale of vampires Watch to see if Lydia’ story has an interesting ending.

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  1. enchong sarambao says

    the best

  2. Peter Jeremiah says

    are these free movies i want to share them on my website but want to know if they are okay to use by the actual creators ?

  3. K Green says

    This low budget vampire movie is tolerable.
    Some scenes are so bad there funny 🙂

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