High School Z (ROBLOX MUSIC VIDEO) – NEFFEX – Soldier 🔥 [Copyright Free]


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Edited by: Zerotation Animation
Animation by; SD Animator

For Full episode story just click the link below!
Here’s the original movie link;
ROBLOX High School Z roblox horror animation part1

ROBLOX High School Z roblox horror animation part2

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Music by;
NEFFEX – Soldier 🔥 [Copyright Free]

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    Can be next Nick:Mr_mep456711
    Name animation: Jack

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    Hi Zerotation Animation! I sent you an email regarding an invitation for your Youtube channel. Please check your inbox. Thank you!

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    Hey amazing animate and cool auototune background pls I wanna be in an animation vids pls I wanna be in there my Username:jake87783 pls pls pls pls ako ay filipino ako ay isang pilipino pinay

  6. Hextont - Hornet says

    I've been watching your channel for a long time and I also wonder why the videos seem sped up.

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    I love how the dream character is there

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    Rumah Roblox 😊😊😊😊

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    Good nice

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    gabriel is look like dream

  16. Miki Chan says

    Ohh i knowed this story!!

  17. GEORGEYT says

    Hi I think I'm late

  18. xdjames nurmal roblox says

    the zombies

  19. xdjames nurmal roblox says

    I'm wanna figth

  20. •Keisha Black wolf• says

    Pin aku dong :v

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    How to u animate?

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    Am so happy for you VIDEOS

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    I like the zombie

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    I like your songs very much.

  29. LeonardPlays rblx says

    Why would u allow to copyright

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    Dude NEFFEX is ALWAYS THE BEST who Love NEFFEX like my comment

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    Bro,you animate and your video is so awesome!👍 You literally the best animator i ever seen dude

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    so early

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    Nice video 😊😊😊

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    Am I firz

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