1. C. A. Poole says

    Guy in wheelchair never mentioned his email address…

  2. QWERTYOP80 says

    I NEVER travel abroad without my freewheel now. It's become an essential piece of kit. Cobblestones are no longer any problem whatsoever. I just got back from Prague. It would have been impossible there without my freewheel.

  3. Stuart Gherini says

    Way to go Steve!

  4. Ken Bowles says

    Thanks for the info-would like to have had those gadget when I was in Paris. Here's another power add on I'm going to look into. http://riomobility.com/ Ken

  5. Connor Forney says

    Awesome!  Thanks for sharing.  I just had my son on the Santa Monica Pier, which is very bumpy and uncomfortable for him.  This would be a great solution for those situations.

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