1. thahll dajj says

    do Dr prescribe meds not regulated for th illness they treat,giving animal hormones to psyche patients, tonnes of nonpsyche meds for psyche patients & th Dr don't care cuzthey had no education, are those animal hormones someof th most powerful steroids on th planet,

  2. Ronald Cervantes says

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  3. Elin R says

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  4. Hora del Mate says

    Check out our interview with Canadian Doctor Nuñez on mental health, COVID 19 and flaws of Ontario health

  5. Addy Zacher Davidson says

    Wow what a racist video PHAC. Way not take any responsibility for systemic racism

  6. Jamey Barisoff says

    PHAC off!

  7. ShWeJaPa says

    Is this channel covering infection from Chinese?

  8. ShWeJaPa says

    Are doctors notes more gossipy or helpful for treatment?

  9. ShWeJaPa says

    I am beginning to believe health care industry workers should receive a 25% wage reduction.

  10. N K says

    This is retarded. Thank you social studies majors. You're useless.

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