Hayley Moore – At The Races presenter amazingly catches loose horse


Just a quiet afternoon at Chepstow, or so we thought…

That was until Give Em A Clump decided to do a couple of laps of the track after getting loose, and then careering dowen the straight near our intrepid presenter.

What next can only be described as pretty remarkable. You’ve set the bar for on-course reporting, Hayley!

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  1. Mropticalgreen says

    dangerous though! He almost stepped on her legg there. He would've crushed it

  2. William Morris says

    I watch a lot of rugby vids on YouTube but this is the hardest thing I've ever seen, what a badass

  3. David Sheridan says

    Well done Hayley , I once did the same when I was a stable lad ,my horse polish hard got loose at fontwell racecourse !

  4. Perfecto Productions Inc. says

    Absolutely brilliant!!

  5. james warren says

    Why does reporter keep pausing for ages or he doesn't bother finishing sentence, lmao

  6. Max says

    That was boss

  7. NothingToNoOneInParticular says

    What weird "men" worried about the price to replace ear pieces and the microphone, etc. I hope they had the decency to die of covid recently.

  8. Neon says

    Took the hit like a champ

  9. Gavin Grimshaw says


  10. sluggou812beotch says

    Not a big deal for someone that is not afraid of a horse.

  11. T L says

    She has to pay for her own gear? Up your budget!

  12. Anton R says

    What a babe 🙂

  13. Jason Gilliam says

    If I wasn't in love, I am now. What a woman!!!

  14. SubGrappling 805 says

    Great job girl…what a badass!

  15. Jerimey Perry says

    Her husband is a lucky man

  16. sumo sacks says

    Malady it can be bottled and it is

  17. John Black says


  18. Keto•tic says

    Best thing I have seen all year! BRAVO Haley!!

  19. montanadoctor says

    Too bad her English is pathetic.

  20. Douglas McDonnell says

    There's a real woman. Take note feminists. I'm sure you could probably do the same thing. But at the end of the day. it's waking the walk that counts. Respect 👍🙏🌷

  21. Andrew Charley says

    Woman power at its best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this woman could stop a tank!!!!!

  22. Charlesj HemphillIII says


  23. Drink life Deeply says

    To celebrate her brave feat, she was guest of honor the following night at a formal dinner, which featured the naughty horse as the main course.

  24. Luke Seymour says

    Horse is like…dang almost got away.

  25. Junior Locomotive says

    She knew exactly what she was doing. Awesome job.

  26. aaron yallop says

    She's my new hero!

  27. Uriah says

    Should’ve sent her to the frontlines of the recent protests against police violence

  28. Donovan Wray says

    Massive respect to Haley. I'm a big bloke and I would not be brave enough to do that. It reminded me of Emily Pankhurst(?) throwing herself in front of the King's horse.

  29. Dale D says

    If only more men had that much guts.

  30. Ben Redmond says

    That was unbelievable!

  31. Mai Nem says

    I'm lookin at this in more detail.At 1:00 – she makes eye contact with the horse, and she's showing it extreme calm – it instantly knows the race is finished – then she pats it and removes its saddle as if this is all normal.When you think about it, it makes sense – a horse knows to stop if you pull on the reins …. even if that means you're being dragged 20 feet along the ground at the same time!Still – this wasn't a case of acting on instinct while being taken by surprise … she saw the runaway horse, and chose to intercept it!Superb … catching those reins and hanging on was a true feat of skill.

  32. Rafik Djadi says

    Brits : she catches a running horses, her hair is perfect, her dress is whiter than me, still she smiles and finishes the prog ! Too much professional! Think she could stop the All Black Team !

  33. Harlock2day says

    It turn out she was born to a Racing family and she is a Jockey too. That makes sense. Still a great catch though.

  34. Pete Howard says

    Hayley, you are a game horse woman. My hat's off to you. Great job.

  35. Joey BoX0RoX says

    She has more balls than the two geldings behind the comfortable desk, COMBINED!

  36. L 6 says

    The company must pay for her equipment

  37. Pablo Galvez says

    “I hope the microphone is okay”….

  38. Barry Maynard says

    Now that's a woman!

  39. 1 bourbon 1 scotch says

    She is hardcore!!

  40. David says

    Thats my kind of woman. Some lucky man is gonna score big with her as his wife.

  41. paul oliver says

    ….My kinda woman…I think I'm in love 🐎

  42. Ba Whatever says

    Let's get it done!! Get the stands filled and the racing back on!! Derby soon yey!

  43. Lostboy says

    I will never understand YouTube algorithm. This is from two years ago and I have no idea why it popped up on the top of my feed. The two commentators suck. But that’s a bad ass woman, I’d buy her a new earpiece, and dinner.

  44. Jeffrey Tan says

    "I hope the microphone is alright because she has to pay for that" 😅

  45. Buddy Chat says

    Well Done is better than Well Said.Good job!

  46. Corey Mendoza says

    Jeez she has a spot waiting in the nfl

  47. Donald Buchan says

    The saying is "Respect has to be earned", this lady has not only earned it now has the right to demand it Not only did she put her life in danger but immediately comforted the horse. If you look at the footage Hayley ended up between both the front and rear legs and narrowly missed broken arms and legs. I hope the turf or the jockey club that officiated gave her a commendation or award and if she wasn't someone should nominate her to the humane society for a bravery medal. All it needs is for the right people to nominate her.

  48. haveallbeentaken says

    Is she single?…my wife wants to know.

  49. glenn dutton says

    Fuck off ,she did a great job.

  50. Floyd Johnson says

    She is what we Yanks might call "crush fuel" – many would be infatuated with someone like her.

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