Gravitas: Nepal's citizens slam Comrade Oli's lavish lifestyle


‘Comrade Oli’ is trending once again. He is being accused of living a lavish lifestyle at the expense of Nepal’s citizens. Meanwhile, the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu is trying to ‘brainwash’ Gurkha community members and stop them from joining the Indian Army.

#Gravitas #KPOli #NepalChina

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  1. CUTTING EDGE says

    Ohh so these snacks he is smoking while saying crazy stuff😂

  2. Antony John Puthur says

    He couldve spent it on Sancho! What a prat! oli out!

  3. Gorkhe General says

    Kya kare tum se gulam toilet khate ho.

  4. Gorkhe General says

    Tuze kya huwa apne chywale ko dekh.

  5. Calicut Times says

    Communism it's kill entire world

  6. Archana Achu says

    Oli: samosa is nepali

  7. Ashok Mopidevi says

    We are missing palki Sharma ..she is bunking many times ..

  8. First Sparkle says

    One need to thank oli for making us laugh…

  9. IRON HEART says

    It is in;dian media pushing in;dia to a war despite knowing that in;dian forces can barely stand against Ch;ina, let alone winning a fight…. in fact Nothing can be achieved accept gaining public sentinements. We don't go into the past, for in;dia may have won "a" battle against P;akistan & Ch;ina but lost almost "all"…. but for the record, it is always the present situation which is considered like ab;hinandan & Galwan incidents show the exact position where in;dia stands…. now C;hina has issued a final warning to in;dia, in which it said, it won't be responsible for the death of 50,000 in;dian soldiers…… now in;dian government has to be serious & behave sensible, not like animal pet to USA otherwise in;dian soldiers will be scapegoated purely for the pleasure of mod'i, Reality is that 1000 sq km of area in Ladakh has already been taken from in;dia. Huge protest of farmers took place a while ago & many other civil unrest will follow, soon in;dia will be disintegrated because it is already bankrupt & many states incl. Khalistan, Arnachal Pardesh, Utar Pardesh, Assam, seven sister states have been chanting freedom from illegal in;dian occupation & we all want to see getting freedom.. for the sake of humanity.

  10. Latha Hema says

    This man and prachanda or simply communists in Nepal will sell all my Nepali brothers and sisters for Renminbi!!!

  11. Cicada Fortune says

    Oli can do anything… He's following bragging and improper governing techniques just like Pakistan and china 😀😀🤣

  12. Halloween says

    hahahaha nailed mr oli sharma

  13. keshav mundra says

    Nepal ka Bhikhari rightly said for Mr Oli..

  14. BINOD Ka Pnkha says

    Wherever communists exist it exists as a dangerous virus. Hate these communists.

  15. tension relief king says

    oli looks like lalu yadav lol

  16. Anil Ruparelia says

    More like spent on snakes on his Chinese woman ambassador….🤣🤣

  17. rajesh says

    chakane me itna kharcha

  18. Albert Dacosta says

    An ethnic indian from Kumaon hills goes to Nepal and becomes more Nepali than the locals. Call it being a truer citizen. Oli that is.

  19. Kavitha Menon says

    Congratulations to Nepalis for selecting oli government same goes out for Pakistan for selecting ineffective leader like Imran. Very soon your lands will go into Chinese territory so will your self respect

  20. S S says

    Maybe he has spent this on Chinese girlfriend 😉

  21. SAUGATA RAY says

    I hope honey trapped Oli is only listening to Chinese music ( which he doesnt understand ) as per advice from his Chinese honey ……..

  22. Abhijeet Kumar says


  23. Lidia Santoro says

    Good Report!

  24. sarthak bikram panta says

    Bro, as a Nepali I can't stop laughing at you guys. The snacks were bought as food for patients in hospitals. At least get your facts right you buffoons. 😂😂😂

  25. Bubay 04 says


  26. Krishna Pathak says

    Yes I too lost job due to lockdown

  27. Scorpio Fan says

    Chinese puppet

  28. 4TH HORSEMAN says

    Oli is going to have same faith as Gadaffi one day. Anger against him is brewing among nepal citizena.

  29. Utkarsh Kumar says

    You like tea, come to Assam

  30. v p says

    Let him do anythingHis own people will throw him out of power

  31. Sumit chand says

    Gurkhas will serve in indian army…. Becoz there is only one thing that matters to them… There motherland…. They will die fr an inch… And will kill a thousand to take it back…. This is there motto-Kafar Hunu Bhanda Marnu Ramro (Better to die than live like a coward) And this there war cry – Jai Maha Kali, Ayo Gorkhali (Hail Goddess Kali, The Gorkhas are here)Huge respect for them in our hearts…. No op oli can change that

  32. Amy Bharadwaj says

    So are the kids calling narcotics “snacks” these days? 🤨

  33. wasim shaikh says

    Wat about our pm ? , wearing 10 lakh cloths is not odd .

  34. not aditya says

    Anyone else Got the Comrade Joke?😂

  35. rarara 001 says

    He used this amount of money for erectile dysfunction problem so that he can impress his dog eating girlfriend

  36. Roopa says

    Wake up people of Nepal! Or China will take over

  37. Indian says


  38. G S says

    Kejriwal of Nepal

  39. shashi chaurasiya says

    Wow Oli is more corrupt than Indian Politicians.

  40. Srikantha Mandyam says

    Are the Gurkhas the only brave and courageous race in the world? It's time we busted this myth.

  41. Six Feet says

    Wherever communist go destruction runs along it

  42. Prateek Das says

    It's ironic we are criticising nepal for "handling of pandemic" where in India…. Sab changa si…. Only 1 lakh people are being tested positive, right!?

  43. G.R.S Murthy says

    No, its snacks for chinese ambassador who gave bat oil massage to oli for many months of happy ending 😄😄🤣🤣😆😅😅😂😂😀

  44. Mathew Fox says


  45. Mathew Fox says


  46. Mathew Fox says


  47. G Patel says

    How many modi spent are you have guts to question

  48. Dr RM Debnath says

    Har Har Mahadev Nomo Shivay Shivay Nomoh

  49. d'joy S says

    If a country has a corrupt to core leader with luxury life and he is also honey trapped by his master, it is really tough for country and citizens. It is a curse.

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