1. Tristan Jass says

    100,000 likes and WE WILL do a PART 2! 👵

  2. Kristofer Modina says

    granny get buckets

  3. Dex Amora says

    "Gram, on BD" 😂

  4. Official Tr3Dem says

    Bro what is this 7:28

  5. xcuxes says

    Tjass ass grandma the professor as grandpa

  6. antonio gunn says

    “Thanks for carrying us”🤣😭

  7. LilYungz REACTS says

    Remind me of Professor being Spider-Man 😂😂

  8. evan haafizha says

    hahah lmao 💀💀

  9. Yousuf Ibrahim says

    Why does it seem like T Jass playing better with a grandma suit on lol

  10. Yousuf Ibrahim says

    When you see a grandma/grandpa on the court, run away cuz they boutta drop you 😅

  11. Rome Rome says


  12. Joel.V says

    Did anyone else notice how Tjass was in sync with the kid in the orange and the other guy when they were walking backwards at 9:26 I’m high asf and noticed that lmaooo

  13. Kvng Tae says

    “Fuck grams on bd”😂😂

  14. Angus Critchell says

    t Jass in 50 years

  15. Hatnu Guite says

    The ending tho

  16. CTB FAZZO says


  17. DollasDawg says

    claim your "I'm here before 1 million views" ticket here

  18. Isaac Mazur says

    T jass the least convincing gramma I ever seen in my life

  19. FiShYx DeGree says

    Auntie drew😂

  20. mungiwara luffy says

    I laugh every time i look at his chest

  21. Luh Cae says

    Legendary video😂🔥🔥

  22. Palladium says

    I cant believe you dun this

  23. Phoenix says

    im pretty sure those dudes must have seen similar videos by other youtubers isnt this suspicious af a granny breaking you ankles?

  24. Luis Morales says

    Why a grandma in the first place lmaooo was being a grandpa not an option 😂 good vid tho 👍🏻

  25. Phil West says


  26. xESPplayer500x says

    This was corny af

  27. New Vitality says


  28. Black mike wazowski says

    Idk if this is wrong but tjass looking thick he could cross me anytime 😏

  29. luke says


  30. Justin Erwin says

    Why is too comment not about him 360ing that dude

  31. crckedfr says

    Its grandma Drew lol

  32. 철썩이 says

    her play resembles with 'Professor' a lot…!!

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