Grace Hopper, Computer Scientist and Military Leader | Biography


Naomi Ekperigin examines Grace Hopper’s military service and contributions to the world of computing. #biography

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  1. Zako Metereveli says

    Was on Ship 3 USS Hopper in bootcamp.

  2. Tim Matheson says

    Her parents had jokes. Grace Hopper (Grasshopper) 😂

  3. Victor l says

    we need her back, she created cobol!

  4. MarquisDeSang says

    We celebrate Steeve Jobs and Bill Gates, but their contributions to computers are nothing, they were just thiefs, packagers and salesmans. COBOL is still alive today and will probably outlive the C++ aberration and clones. Ritchie & Thompson are the real founders of modern computing, but it all started because of Grace Hopper.

  5. Kyle Barry says

    A perfect video to show to my Intro to Computer Science class! Thanks for making this.

  6. ("RNA0ROGER") says

    No woman alive is her equal maybe other than Lisa Su

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