Getting Your Drawings into Your Computer


Have you ever had trouble getting your drawings into your computer? Well fear not, my friend! In this video I’ll show you how I get my hand made drawings into my dear laptop. Oh joyful day!

I’ve been listening to too much vaporwave…


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  1. RandomNish says

    2020 and it helped me. THANK YOU

  2. Krita is a pretty good open source program too!

  3. Bryan Hughes says

    Useful tips and likeable delivery/person. Thank you

  4. Vsuvi says

    i like making art traditionally tbh

  5. _GlitchTheCat_ says

    this vid was SO helpful i just started a youtube channel on drawing and i had no idea how to get my drawings on a computer without a scanner. THANK YOU!!

  6. BEST BOOM BOOM says

    Helpful 👍

  7. Johnattincan says

    That one youtuber who looks better than her artwork

  8. Johnattincan says

    Its basically tracing! Except backwards

  9. lookthroughmyvision says

    badass attitude

  10. MrConduct says

    SD card from a walkie talkie

  11. Deva Darsan says

    I fuckin love this!!! Haven’t seen it full but couldn’t resist my awkwardly shaped hands

  12. Warpplace 1212 says

    That panic at the disco song is now stuck in my head 😭😭 so thank you

  13. Robert Games28 says

    She looks pretty

  14. Fishin Wit Boogie says

    The simplicity of this video really help… thanks 👍🏽

  15. shuisei says

    i love how u talking

  16. Kristen Fader says

    Sent here by my art prof!

  17. 20 years ago says

    Im here to see how beautiful she is

  18. God Daniel says

    echo gillette is a name I'll remember

  19. Penned Ideas says

    Or just use a proper scanner for a few tens of dollars?

  20. Jaded Alice says

    I photograph my art to make it digital too! Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't make art digitally. Thanks for the tips on how to better photograph and edit my art!

  21. WEB CHILL says


    Echo Gillette
    : hi am Echo, lets just get into it


  22. Jonathan Jaeger says

    Such a awesome personality and sense of human yet so informative!!!! You Rock!!!

  23. WeWatchMovies says

    Apple trash LOL

  24. yungmisha says

    I just think that this video made me make money
    For real
    It did

  25. Tech Know How-ZAMBIA says

    The intro made me subscribe and like

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