Getting Bournemouth Back To The Premier League! EP2 – Football Manager 2020


Welcome to my new Football Manager mini-series. We shall take a relegated injured Bournemouth team and take them back to the Premier League, some team issues, some financial fair play issues. just normal FM thing. What can go wrong?

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PC Specs:
Intel® Core™ i9 14 Core Processor i9-9940X (3.3GHz)
Memory (RAM) 64GB Corsair VENGEANCE DDR4 3200MHz
4TB Samsung 860 EVO 2.5″ SSD, SATA 6Gb/s
1st M.2 SSD Drive 512GB INTEL® 760p M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD

  1. T Pedersen says

    i played against arseness when i was 9 years old 🙂

  2. Spunky J says

    Dominic Solanke is a healthier Daniel Sturridge 🤣

  3. Spunky J says

    Surely Championship FFP won't matter when your in the Prem? Just keep spending let the parachute payments sort it out 😅🪂

  4. Cameron Ashworth says

    "Who's our free kick taker……? Mr Invisible….Ok good…" 😀

  5. jonny griffiths says

    Thing is it’s good to have a low GK rating as it means he’s not doing much. If his rating was consistently high you probs need to your defence out 😅

  6. FM Union says

    Let’s play a game where you take a shot every time Loki forgets to do set pieces

  7. RiKsenTwo says

    I bought Lewis Ferguson for my Rangers team so consistent.

  8. PhilsBlogs says

    Really love these series! Can't wait for FM21 (although hope to see you at least finish the season with Bournemouth)

  9. Scott 'Holden McGroin' Ruthven says

    Need to see both the Sheffield Wednesday games mate…. Got to see if its like my game where it takes 19 games to get out of the relegation zone and at 38 games before we were safe from Relegation….

  10. BlackMetalHeart99 says

    Star system in this game is whack. Brought in Audrey Modiba, a 1.5 CA 2.5 PA star Wingback at SLB as back up to Grimaldo. Fans and board hated the transfer, bloke played out of his skin for 6 games straight with an average rating of 8. Now he's rated a 4 star 4 star Important player, even though his stats are average and no where near my other 4 star players……

  11. Very Risku says

    “Josh McEachran do you remember him?”
    Chelsea fans tears are the sound you’re hearing, he was supposed to be the one!

  12. Cookie Monster says

    Don't forget those Transfer Clauses you can sell as well Loki. Maybe they help a bit with the FFP.

  13. JuicyJay says

    Anyone know how to get logo packs for FM 19? I just got it cause I wanted to try out a cheap version to see how I like it.

  14. j t says

    hlozek verscheren gravenberch

  15. HowsItHangingSWE says

    Chris Mepp-Ham is my favorite player

  16. Jack n00b says

    This database seems a bit wonky since Ollie Clarke is not at bristol rovers anymore. He moved to Mansfield at the end of the season on a free. Bit weird that he is still in the team with new transfers still being in the squad.

  17. Jetil says

    You should try Bodø/Glimt in Norway. Have never won the league in Norway, but this season they look like Liverpool 🙂

  18. Pei Yan Xue says

    guess some players would have ca&pa drop in fm21, should be more fun to manage it again

  19. Gandy Hyoga says

    I'm doing something like this with Ipswich Town!

  20. Tactix Gaming says

    Presently doing a Man U save, played 10 games 8 wins 2 draws brought in Correa and Belotti using a 4231 geigenpress. Brandon Williams is brilliant.

  21. Tactix Gaming says

    Your tactical sort if tree is working well. As for undefeated good luck with that mate.

  22. Sean Foote says

    Did you not have Aursnes at Traeff in your journeyman?

  23. Seanny T-B says

    Note to self- it gets cold in Northern Ireland at 2am in October 🤣👍 Solanke is unstoppable, 50k a week is a bargain wage for a player if his pedigree and talent!

  24. Barry Ross says

    I had williams at tranmere there couple weeks ago on loan and I suppose was good dunno how I done it dough league 2

  25. Ryan ward says

    Come to Brazil

  26. Andrew J says

    Why is this team so good lmao

  27. Christopher Polockus says

    Ferguson is the nephew of barry Ferguson.

  28. Hussain Khan says

    how could you forget the goal scoring of konarup and slobby loki ,

  29. JoolsTunes says

    set pieces in time for last game of the season… maybe

  30. Dragos Mihai Ciobotaru says

    Glad to see I was right about King YAYA! Believe in the YAYA Loki

  31. Iman Arif says

    probably did not realised that brandon is right foot thats why hes always scoring with his right foot not his left

  32. Kevin Mottram says

    Posted at 5-1 up against Birmingham: Eddie Howe is watching this and weeping at the moment!

  33. Pak Gjin says

    Holding onto Lewis Ferguson IRL is still a massive surprise for me as an Aberdeen fan how a championship or premiership club hasn't swooped in for him yet still surprises me. Especially given his family pedigree

  34. SerbiagamerUKI Games says


  35. Mark Gowans says

    I think because he's right footed the real Man Utd are planning to turn Brandon Williams into a right back. They also seem to think that Luke Shaw is a good left sided centre back when playing 5 at the back. Go figure.

  36. Alex L says

    Welcome to the dark side, DUDE! 😂

  37. Fred Ellis says


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