1. ILoveBasketballTV says

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  2. Kralixo says

    I always stick my elbow out too far, it just feels more natural but it throws my shot off, so obviously it’s not good

  3. Mingxi Li says

    Hello, I bought our online courses but want to get the refund later. I sent us three emails but no one respond. Can you help me?

  4. Wayz295 says


  5. Paundra Janitra says

    You are perfect the throw in the ball basketball

  6. Naa-ol Beleku says

    I can’t wait to try this

  7. Team Grand Rising says

    am i supposed to have a gap between the ball or not

  8. Rick Brown says

    Do you have your palm on the basketball?

  9. Raging Ryker says

    Can u make a vid about different forms that you think would be good for 11-13 year olds? I love basketball but I have never been able to get a good form and stick with it. THX🌟

  10. Eunhak Lee says

    Thank you for this wonderful video. I have a question can you please explain to me the difference between charging foul and blocking foul as I always get confused with it.

  11. Muhammad Thufeil says

    0:26 How about steph, dame and harden's shooting hand that started on the side of the ball??

  12. Zackery Trevino says

    Simply put man…appreciate it!

  13. Daniel Noe Magne Soliz says

    when the catch shoot, how is the hand placement before the catch??

  14. Clarence Alexander says

    How do u make it feel one motion. I used to shoot from my chest and now I'm changing it. When I move the ball up to my set point it doesn't feel natural and it feels like I'm catapulting the ball

  15. Hype Dawg says

    isn't that where flight and faze rug played?

  16. Jamal Robinson says

    Thanks for the tips!

  17. Muhammad Rahim says

    I understand what you mean but what if your dribbling and u have to shoot the ball while dribbling but your hand isn’t in the middle when you pick the ball up too shoot after dribbling that’s my problem please just try to respond to this.

  18. Soumil Mittal says

    I am a 14 year boy from India.
    I got selected in Jr Nba .
    Your tips were very helpful for my progress.
    Thank you Coach.

  19. _jxyy_ 2 says

    Not everybody is gonna shoot the same look at jalen green and then Mikey Williams they have to different forms and are still consistent

  20. CeejayFN says

    im left eye dominant but right handed idk what to do

  21. Anant Ashish Lakra 7c says

    I m from India and I have watched and learnt from your videos . Thanks a lot for helping me .

  22. David Guevara El Morro says

    Thanks for this vid it will help me a lot!!! I am actually struggling with my shooting form thanks a lot.

  23. bhupendra bhagat says

    How wide should legs be kept while shooting?

  24. Leon Leon says

    Thanks IloveBasketballTV

  25. zach baquiran says

    coach how about how to raise the ball to your setpoint because that is the only thing that hinders my consistency

  26. Dragomir Kamov says

    While the video is informative, I definitely feel like those are mostly guidelines that you should follow, rather than a must. E.g. From my experience keeping your hand behind the ball, while also bringing the ball in a straight line (from the center of your right hip up if you are a right-handed shooter) and keeping our fingers pointing perfectly towards the basket is kind of impossible for a middle finger release. I have met a few people that have flexible enough wrists to achieve this, however I would ague that such technique is generally more suitable for index finger/two finger release. What works for me well is bringing he ball up from somewhere between my legs, which does not result in a perfectly straight line and while my hand is still behind he ball, it is pointing a bit to the left in the initial moment of my shot. I am not saying that it is correct to do so, I am rather trying to say that if you feel that you don't have control using the perfect form that Ryan is teaching a few modifications of this form might actually be what you need based on your proportions and flexibility. Also, something else I have found useful when looking for your shooting form is to ensure that you have not only accuracy using this form but power as well. I have seen plenty of people that feel that they have found their form because they are automatic a few feet from the basket, however their form is so stiff and inappropriate for their body that they simply cannot generate enough power using it in order to step outside the 3pt line.

  27. Osazuwa Family says

    thx ryan filnally shooting tips video its alawys just junping higher make more shooting videos btw i still like the jumping higher videos.

  28. BallisLife LifeisBall says

    Finally I Love Basketball TV is spending time with me dropping them gems

  29. Ehoops 35 says

    How do I speed up my shot and release?

  30. GB - 09KS 711944 Turner Fenton SS says


    Like if u like POP SMOKE

  31. Paul Deneus says

    hi ryan razooky and i love basketball

  32. Marc Obeid says

    Thank u so much

  33. Omer Schwartz says

    I'm actually on day 8 of the elite shooting program, it's great can't wait to keep working hard and seeing results letss go Ryan u da goat frfr

  34. Abdoulaye Seye says

    My favorite coach

  35. Sebastian says

    Send this to flight

  36. B. C says


  37. Abdul Doughani says

    What are the odds, I just decided to change my form so I can shoot more consistent and better, and it’s been hard for some reason my non dominant hand left hand just moves rather than staying still don’t know what to do

  38. jeffy the yacht says

    Ayy another awesome video

  39. Zendy Praja says

    Nice step shoot coach… Don’t forget to check my video channel, i have an interesting videos about basketball and sports for beginners. Take care of your health and don't forget to be happy.

  40. Zeahh says

    Damn was just working on my form today. So timely!

  41. Denzel Severino says

    Love seeing ILB basketball vids thank you for the vids

  42. Stephanie Salo says

    Yooo this helped so much

  43. Jackson Garlem says

    Let’s go,upload on a Tuesday

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