Georgia's Runoff Races: Keep These Orgs and Georgia On Your Mind! | Full Frontal on TBS


If November 3rd left you craving more election drama, you’re in luck! Control of the Senate hinges on the results of two run-off races happening in Georgia. Orgs like Black Voters Matter, Fair Fight Action, and Georgia STAND-UP have been doing important work there and could use your help!

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  1. Teddy Furstman says

    Help Ditch Mitch and Flip The Senate Blue! Do it Georgia!

    Win BOTH Georgia Senate Runoffs! — Donate via ActBlue

  2. Tats Sacs says

    Republicans! Be careful with those machines that turn your votes into democrats!
    Best way to prevent this is by voting democrat so the machine with the software thingy turn it republican.
    Pass the word. Vote democrat so republican can win. Makes perfect sense!

  3. First Name Last Name says

    I fake moved to GA (just registered a fake address) and am voting twice. I also registered my deceased father (died this year so I don't think they will notice) and my dog who is named 'George' (it'll look like a person). So I get 3 votes! When the Dominion machine counts them, it will automatically flip 3 other trump presidential votes into dem senate votes. I hope Fox News doesn't find out about my plan and that no one sends this to trump on twitter! – Привет из Москвы!

  4. zerooskul says

    A crook called Donald Trump
    Who works on a merry-go-round
    Just won't get off
    Though the ride has stopped
    And the merry-go-round broke-down!

    That's all, folks!

  5. brian williams says

    I think the vote is rigged. I was born in Georgia and can't vote just because I have been an Australian citizen for 43 years.

  6. Farmer Bob says

    👉Trumps BS Covid propaganda is 100% Political Malfeasance!

    👉Charges should be pending for all enablers!

  7. Maul Porphy says

    It ain't over till Stacey Abrams sings, Bamantha See.
    You greedy freak.

  8. Operation FUBAR says

    Is it me or does McConnell’s hand look like it’s rotting off?

  9. Kev McCarthy says

    I’d send money but I’m Irish and this it would be illegal. Know that €100 is on one side just in case you change the law!

  10. Drawn says

    FFwSB team, please put a musical gap between the end and the annoying promo, so we can skip it.

  11. Emma Loves U says

    If you vote in person, please be careful and safe. Wear your mask and have your little handy dandy hand sanitizer with you.

  12. justin castillo says

    I wish the links for the GA orgs mentioned were listed above, but we know how to net search.

  13. Maxwell Smart says

    Carefull Bee… McConnell's 'turtle sense' is tingling. He knows you're up to something.

  14. 37Dionysos says

    I sent $50 apiece to Dems Osoff and Warnock in GA—we gotta win BOTH to get this country back on the rails!

  15. DarkSchneider says

    Unlike Brian Kemp, Stacey Abrams was def. MVP in GA for 2020. #BEEBEST 😀

  16. Tyler Hackner says

    Let’s goooo Georgia!

  17. Анатолий Николаев says

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