Game Theory: The Deadly Physics of the Falcon Punch! (Super Smash Bros Captain Falcon)


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We’ve talked a LOT about Super Smash Bros over the years but one thing I’ve always wanted to touch one was Captain Falcon. You know, the guy with the fire punch. It is a killer move and I’ve always been curious about it. More so, I’ve wanted to know if you would REALLY punch so hard that you light your fist on fire. How would that WORK? Well Loyal Theorists, today we find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Alan Baker  
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan “Cybert” Seibert, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  1. TheVipershark says

    Not only does it sound like he says "16", but the graphic shows 16 m/s… it's ok. I knew you meant 3/.05 is 60

  2. Rsniper15 // says

    Why does he start by punching the palm of his other hand??
    This can also be seen at 5:57
    There should be four frames
    Frame 1: 5:59 when he punches the palm of his hand.
    Frame 2: your frame 1
    Frame 3: your frame 2
    Frame 4: your frame 3

  3. Wojtek Gluck says

    There was slight miscalculation in his punch speed. 3 / 0.05 is not 16m/s but 60m/s, but who would be counting 😉

  4. Dark Rizer21 says

    Any chance for another petscop theory?

  5. Ep!c V!ds says

    Matpat i need to tell you something that i have been thinking about for weeks now Are the among us characters robots or just giys under a suit? I am gathering information but its not enough so pls it would be awesome so i can start living normal and get that out of my head so thank you if you do it.

  6. Mocha Dismukes says

    Pls make a theory on this

  7. Mocha Dismukes says

    Do science on on shapeshifters

  8. Mocha Dismukes says

    The crewmates

  9. Mocha Dismukes says

    and the imposters are good

  10. Mocha Dismukes says

    The crewmates mates are bad

  11. Mocha Dismukes says

    And the imposters has the ship

  12. Mocha Dismukes says

    The imposters are shapeshifter

  13. Mocha Dismukes says

    Pls make a theory on my theory pls

  14. Mocha Dismukes says

    The crewmates are messing with wires and stuff to high jack the ship

  15. Kodyjay says

    Deja vu. Since it sounds like this wasn't covered by Game Theory before, it must have been Because Science or something

  16. Mocha Dismukes says

    The ship is the shapeshifters/imposters/

  17. Mocha Dismukes says

    The crewmates are bad and the imposters is good

  18. Mocha Dismukes says

    I have a theory the imposters are shapeshifting and the crewmates are testing on them

  19. Sapp2el says

    Matpat: What did you expect the video to be about?
    Me: lUiGi-

  20. Smokey Mcpot says

    Falcon punch got me all of the very few wins i ever got.

  21. aboodei21 says

    hey matpat, can you make a video about the among us lore

  22. Cool Portal man says

    Here is a theory I can’t make is it possible for crash bandicoot to spin for as long as he does

  23. golden Studios 663 says


  24. Seth Boyce says

    I just looove 2-frame moves. Don't you?

  25. jordan laforge says

    I love how he opened with the spelling In the vid and the spelled it wrong in the title

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