1. Patty K says

    Great review! Loved watching you make coffee!

  2. Talley's Art Studio says

    They heard you. Lots of changes in the 2021 model. I'm seriously considering the new one.

  3. cretnotonic says

    These guys are so lucky to meet Dean! 🙂

  4. mgn1701 says

    If you say you’re going to review something, it doesn’t make sense to spend so much time talking about flowers and making, pouring, sipping yourself a cup of coffee, (btw, way too many videos contain that shot, getting old quick). I think if you want more followers to your channel you should get to the point on review based videos. Then have the chatty part later in the video.

  5. Wayne Spicer says

    How do we contact you to ask a question ?

  6. whatisthis922 says

    What is the ability of this cthe wonder as far as four season goes? Is is four season?

  7. EmptyNester says

    What do you think of the new wonder RL? Soon available with awd and lithium ion batteries.

  8. Luis Castro says

    Thank you for the video. Just posted a comment on your web page regarding the engine. I see the link for the specs the engine is a gas type…however I just download the specs from the manufacturer and it says the engine is Diesel.
    Thanks again…

  9. kuljo says

    Do you always need an RV site to rest for the night?

  10. Sewspcl says

    Great review! I was thinking of the Wonder RL model and had my heart set on it.
    Then I saw the Coachman Beyond and went with that. Had 2000W inverter and 200w solar and AGM battery. I think I'll like it!

  11. Mary Grace Woo says

    Doesn't your dog get dizzy?

  12. J D's RV Travels says

    Thanks for your class b reviews. My wife recently passed away so its just me and Olivia my dog. I just traded in our class a for a 2020 winnebago boldt.I picked it up Thursday. I cant wait to use the 11,600 watt lithium battery and 3800 watt inverter boondocking. It runs the ac, microwave and induction cooktop all at once.

  13. Troy Brackett says

    Thank you for sharing your insights on the Leisure Travel coaches. Our first coach was a 24' Safari Trek that served our family well for many years. We recently moved up to a 36' Jayco Precept 33U that offered many similarities like a rear bath while overcoming the deficiencies like a dedicated sleep area. This video got me looking at the Wonder Rear Lounge and I can't help but think about downgrading. It offers so much of our larger rig with all the benefits of being compact. We'll see what the future holds but until then, travel safe!

  14. Tom O'Connor says

    Is the beds rocking.

  15. J G says

    I bet these guys just laugh this pandemic while sipping coffee somewhere in the mountains

  16. Nashville tljc says

    Does the kitchen table fold out to a bed? Or- is there any place else to sleep besides the twin bed area?

  17. Matt zkie says

    I wish I can have this motorhome🙏🙏🙏

  18. Richard E says

    Thanks, Great review on things I never thought about asking. Like the battery power and the Cummings sound, while running, never even thought about something, that should be very important! not something you can hide, as soon as you take it out for the first use. That would upset me for not considering that from the first viewing.

  19. Gary Miller says

    You guys are great! Love your videos and my wife and I can’t wait to start RVing. Thanks for sharing.

  20. TaR!K says

    Superb 👏🏼 one thumbs up 👍🏼

  21. richard goldstein says

    In view of how much you
    liked the Wonder, why did you go for the Unity long term? Now that the Wonder will be available with AWD, as well as increased OCCC, might you change back?

  22. Tommy Hadisurya says

    I stopped paying attention to the rv and your talking when I saw the dog. What a handsome dog you have there

  23. Gail JOHNSON says

    Great review..Thank you..

  24. angelinbluejeans855 says

    If your near 6 ft tall, you will have head trauma lol

  25. John Butler says

    How many times have you pumped antifreeze onto the ground?

  26. Ditas Alcantara says

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!!

  27. Danny Taylor says

    LTV now offer an upgrade to AGM batteries and a larger inverter at 2,000watts I think.

  28. Tom Weber says

    Down side of rentals,I enjoy dogs but having to deal with other users dog and cat hair and dander extremely hard to remove

  29. Jon Canter says

    the Wonder RTB is fantastic, as mentioned for storage! But, disappointed about the acid batteries. Can anyone describe if those types of batteries require topping off to avoid low cells, and or from drying out the batteries from long term charging? Also, can a an inverter be easily upgraded if desired?

  30. Tyger Blue Eyes says

    So was this a demo or a rental? I was "wondering" how much was it for rent?

  31. Travelingwith Biscuit says


  32. Roaming Ruca says

    Thanks for this guys 👍 I have been “eyeing” this RV for awhile now 😍 I’m pretty much decided on this as my full-time RV/traveler 🤞it has everything I would want in an rv (besides the batteries, which can be changed out)

  33. Jeff Perez says

    New viewer and love the channel….my question is how did you decide which size unit was best for you between class A, B- B+,C ? Great job you two!

  34. Vito Trupiano says

    I have a question for you can u drive this a speed of 75 mph and above without wander all over the road, I like to curse at speed of eighty and above. thank you

  35. Tim DeShazer says

    Good video. Would you recommend it as a first time RV? I'm medically retired and my wife is going to retire the first of next year. Thanks

  36. Mary Holmes says

    Very nice I like the wonder

  37. rafal gorski says

    Vehicle insulation question: Is there a difference in the amount or type of insulation between your B van and your current B+ van? If so, can you tell the difference on cold or hot days? I would love to see a longer video addressing van insulation between different rig classes. Thanks rafal

  38. Bruce Moore says

    Great video – wonderful review – Even when using it just for 2 – I would prefer something a bit bigger with small slide outs.

  39. Pedro Caballero says

    For my liking there is way to much corrosion (or what appears to be) in the battery compartment.
    Very good and honest review.
    Thank you for your insight.

  40. Lloyd Dahlen says

    Thanks again for sharing the info and the video 👍

  41. Mah Fah says

    So many important points mentioned which explains why generator is used for newbies. Great review

  42. Jay Foster says

    Really liked your video. In terms of the 1000W inverter, the majority of people will never need the inverter as they will mostly either be plugged in at a campground or using the generator. You could always upgrade to a 2000W+ inverter to suit your needs. You can always upgrade the batteries as well, so I don't see these as major negatives. I believe that Leisure Travel Vans are one of the nicer B+ vans, so you might think that they would offer an upgrade for the inverter or batteries. I guess they are trying to keep the overall cost down to meet the majority of RVer's. I personally do have a 2000W inverter, but have only used it once to watch TV. The majority of the time I am running off of my two Honda generators when boondocking or am plugged in at a campground. My needs are probably different from yours, as we mostly camp in warm/hot weather, so we need the A/C, and a fan, and my CPAP, etc. Keep the videos coming!

  43. John Salinas says

    Love your channel! God bless you both!

  44. Mike Astro says

    Great video ! What is the coffee maker that you use at 9:37 ?

  45. P Lawellin says

    Really enjoyed your review. Followed you for years in the FMCA magazine so I already knew and trusted what you said.

  46. H says

    whats that coffee water thing called?

  47. Theonlyonestanding says

    3000w inverter …Can I add more watts ?

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