Fruit Basket 9: A Community Mr. Game & Watch Montage



-Clips must be only for Smash Ultimate
-MAXIMUM of 2 clips per person (send only your best 2 even if you have more)
-Must be sent as a YouTube link to a video of the replay footage (timestamp is appreciated if it’s a long video)
-Tell me how you’d like to be named if your clip gets in
-Music must be OFF during the recording (your in-game SSBU audio settings should ideally be Music set to 0, SFX and Voices set to 70)
-No staged/Training Mode/CPU clips
-Please don’t edit the footage yourself or send it as a Google Drive direct download; just a YouTube video of the raw footage.

Send your YouTube link to this email address:

It’s been fun, but I think in the style of Vlambeer I’m gonna call it quits at 10. I’m winding down on making montages at all, and while I’ll probably end up doing a few more in my life, I’ve simply had my fun with the concept. I’ve never counted but I’m sure I’ve made over 100 Smash montages at this point, which is pretty absurd. I hope the backlog of montages I’ve created up till now is enough to satiate those of you who just can’t get enough of them.

Songs used:
Mr. Game & Whamuu – pluffaduff
Flat Zone Rift – NoteBlock
Flat Zone 2 – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate OST

Thumbnail by Lark!

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by the way, almost my entire smash career I was fishing for that simple dthrow-nair-b-reverse-9 combo, never actually pulled it off with a 9 until this video. finally I can lay the character to rest(probably).

  1. Latent Sea says

    Came for the spicy G&W music remix and was not disappointed

  2. Iris Thorne says

    Mr. Game, Game, and Game

  3. Eddie sedano says

    Fuck Fruit baskets we need Flatline!!!Okay For real I'm just kidding Fruit baskets are amazing.

  4. Mr_Alex420 says

    5:33 oh hey it's me!!

  5. Ev an says


  6. Some Kid Lmao says

    For every sick 9 clip there are 8 failed attempts

  7. Bowen Nawrocky says

    All game and watch mains share 2 brain cells.Thanks for sharing with me guys

  8. GameMaster WLC says

    Let's fucking GOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  9. Hmmm Mmmm. says

    Number one game and watch rule:When in doubt, get a 9 when your off the stage and accidentally press side b and then barely get back onto the stage and then just get the hammers and a torch and kill

  10. Korok Seed says

    As somebody who can’t even play well against low to medium level CPU’s this makes me impressed, scared, and sad.

  11. JaruJaruJ says

    There is a mad chaotic energy to Mr. Game & Watch that is just fascinating to watch. He's winning, and I'm not sure how, and I'm not sure he knows either.

  12. chickennuggetMM says

    this is great

  13. I Know Where You Live says

    6:19 if daigo missed the parry on the last hit of chun's super

  14. Holden Miller says

    There is no doubt in my mind that G&W is merely playing with existence.

  15. predatoru says


  16. Cham the Man says

    1:28That was synced with the music and I love it

  17. El Scout Chileno says

    3:41 autocameo

  18. conesent says

    Part 9 is looking great so so fa-Mr. G&W holding the timer item: ZA WARUDO!

  19. Captain Rustbeard says

    4:02 Gyro's steel ball

  20. Booz says


  21. Carson Burnham says

    Flat nation will r i s e

  22. Galaxymelon says

    "Awaken, my alt skins!"

  23. I.E. Tass says


  24. Bushy Boi Retro Gaming says


  25. Xpload says

    Grayfruit: makes G&W combo videoNoteblock: makes Flat Zone remix using the combo video as a backgroundGrayfruit: makes Fruit Basket 9 using the music remix

  26. Ryma n says

    Let's make the 10th end on a good note!

  27. JTF says

  28. Leaf Finite says

    2:06 this ones my favorite

  29. Broom Guy says

    I hit someone with a 9 off stage one time and that was pretty cool

  30. One Meme To Rule Them All says

    That double parry oil bucket was slick af

  31. CMAGP says


  32. Whackrock says

    song around 3 minutes fucking slaps

  33. Popesen S_Geko says

    For hum to lazy to watsh video. Hears a litle sumary: basecly 9

  34. a puddle of sand says

    pluffaduff AND grayfruit, mastahpiece

  35. Fero says

    wait this isnt jojo

  36. Big Daddy Dong says

    4:22 My clip made it in! Thanks for including it and making these montages.

  37. Chicker says

    To all the fellow mr. game and watch mains out there. I love our community

  38. Spazm Cat says

    Mr game & watch: breathesSmash bros announcer: "so u have chosen… winning"Mr game & watch: "*beep boop beep boop*" Every other smash character: "NANI??!!?!?!?!"Mr game & watch: gets out everythingPros: "OmG Mr game & watch is so easy to beat"Mr G&W: happy beeping stops

  39. bruddah's magic gaming with zesty noodles says

    If you want to know to get back up on the stage with mr game and watch while hes in the parachute animation you can air doge upwards and grab the ledge jus do it quickly because his frames are different

  40. TheRainbowStar says

    Respect to this community for showing me the sauce with game n watch, this video truly was a treat and you all performed well. Good stuff!In regards to the final montage, I think 10 is a good number to finish on. These have been absolutely amazing. I'm glad to have been a part of one of these already. Already have sent my clips back in July for Fruitbasket 10, and good luck to all who submitted! Let's go out with a bang!

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