Friday the 13th The Game Stream! 🎃Friday the 13th Live for Hallowstream on Outside Xbox 🎃


It’s time for a Jasoning in Friday the 13th The Game! Join Mike and Andy for a special Friday the 13th Hallowstream, live from Palm Springs. Who will escape? Who will get Jasoned? Watch on for your answers and subscribe for more horror game Hallowstreams in the days to come.

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  1. Jack Blow says

    Man, they NEVER get the serial killer. I don't think they ever did in Dead by Daylight either.

  2. StarlightMasters says

    The best player is not Andy but the random person with the tag kingsman80

  3. zanechaos says

    He plays like a noob 😡Dramatic music means jason just unlocked one of his abilities

  4. loce elen says

    It looks like she was a head of the game

  5. Blue Claws says

    The key to a really fun play of this game is getting a Jason who is big into the scaring, but not just relentlessly killing everybody. Game is so heavily weighted in Jason's favor, if that player wants and is halfway decent, they'll win every time.

  6. MMD Gaming says

    You guys are friends with Simon Miller? I'm not sure if i'm jealous of Simon or you guys

  7. Stephanie D says

    I'd go on a road trip any day! Sign me up! My little Dodge is not a muscle car tho XD

  8. Brock Sisson says

    Finally getting around to watching this and I have one humble request. A stream with Simon Miller would be good but please try to arrange something with the lads from Cultaholic, it's a great channel and they just recently passed 500k subs.

  9. GoAway LeaveMeAlone says

    "We've been trapped inside a Pumpkin by YouTube."Or by Jane.

  10. GoAway LeaveMeAlone says

    Mai Tai is White Rum, Dark Rum, Orange Curacao or Triple Sec and Orange Juice/Syrup with a dash of Lime.

  11. Oynque says

    In the last game, I would have said Andy was the jabronie for dying to that Jason … until that last minute …

  12. kakarroto007 says

    Honestly, you guys are the coolest gamers on YouTube.

  13. CthulhuFhtagn says

    Everyone: Gets in carJason: Pulls one person out of carEveryone: Climbs out of car and shoots/stabs Jason while he stands there dumbfounded.

  14. TheAntiTrope says

    Wanted to say "shut up Mike!" at the beginning and realised that in my head, the oxbox crew are my unofficial siblings 😂, my reaction was purely familial.

  15. Erik Klaesson says

    I once played Friday the 13th in a session with four other people including a Jason who were just messing around. Meanwhile I fixed the four seated car and drove away by myself. Didn’t even see Jason once.

  16. CthulhuFhtagn says

    Normally I skip to the start of the stream, but this time Mike's lovely voice convinced me to stay through the beginning LOL.

  17. Charlie Abbott says

    The Streets: Absolutely overfill the John Peel Stage in one of the highlight performances of Glastonbury 2019.Mike and Andy: Nah, no one listens to The Streets anymore

  18. OstrichOwner says

    For a game that lets you lay traps… Hide and Shriek? Not creepy as much as it is just jumpscaring your opponent, but it's fun!

  19. BOOTS_TX says

    I happen to be building a '49 Desoto with a big block caddy motor. Road trip!!

  20. AztecGamer31 says

    I like to think that the last Jason was someones little brother playing and big bro comes in at the last minute like, "FOR THE LOVE GOD GIVE ME THE CONTROLLER!"

  21. Jay D says

    Shour our to andy for doing the Baywatch song

  22. Kallasanty Santy says

    There's a game called Ghost Master when you set spooky traps and monsters around the house (and other locations) to scare the living hell out of people living there (just in a sims-like art style). It is old but good and you should try it out (if you haven't already).

  23. Kallasanty Santy says

    You like Vampire so much but you won't let Andy play it in a video, why?? Let him play(!), let us watch(!!), please(!!!).

  24. woodneel says

    Yellow vibrating camera is … affecting me more viscerally than I was expecting – it hurt my eyes and brain felt bad, however that works. No history of epilepsy here, but man that was unexpectedly painful! Then again, the flashing blue and red lights of Stories Untold did give me splitting headaches…

  25. Kallasanty Santy says

    Motion sicknes for halloween, nice gift OX (but some people may throw it back at you ) 😛

  26. Kallasanty Santy says

    They already did the spoiler list talking over so now it's time for the stream title screan talk over, and i like it. You should leave the audio on more offten 😛

  27. tinadrawsstuff says

    Man, RIP Random Lady: you were almost Jamie Lee Curtis…almost

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