FREE XBOX LIVE GAME – Deadrising 2 & Case Zero DLC (Review & Gameplay)


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Hello everyone and welcome.
Games With Gold – Review and Gameplay
Deadrising 2 available August 16th.

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  1. LOLNO Industries says

    This is my favourite game because u can use everything as a weapon btw thnx for3n u are a good reviewer

  2. DustDopplerHD says

    could i play co op with you 😀

  3. Aali Tauqeer says

    Add me on Xbox MurmuringCash4

  4. epicvideos says

    its the best dead rising game ever. to be my friend send a friend invite to me Diensy kid

  5. theF0R3N says

    gotham ultra

  6. theF0R3N says

    PS3 is having different deals, i dont know how to go about obtaining those or what the titles are but they are not the same between the two consoles i know that much for sure.

  7. theF0R3N says

    like thebadboy said, if you download now and you have it for life. so for instance i downloaded crackdown last week when it was free and deleted it from my drive, i can go back and download it again whenever i want for free.

  8. theF0R3N says

    thanks =)

  9. theF0R3N says

    thanks yeah i might check out 3 when it comes out. but i guess i wouldnt say its the controls so much as its the responsiveness off the controls

  10. vizzymantis says

    I have a question,if you download these free games are they still available to play for free after 2 weeks when the next one comes out?

  11. PKA University says

    What font did you use for the thumbnail?

  12. theF0R3N says

    I actually am going to do a review on them all. It's a free way to get different content to you guys because I dont play much CoD anymore or other games for that matter. =) glad u like em! and no i havent tried terror in reality, maybe i will when i have some free time.

  13. theF0R3N says

    of course im gunna get hate, haters gunna hate! haha. but yeah game was alright, not something to right home about

  14. Stewart_ssdd says

    also found that it is an ok game but better to roll with a partner

  15. Stewart_ssdd says

    first… let see if you get hate this time

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