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Travel video about destination France.
France is a country with a long and dramatic history. A country of unique flair and picturesque old towns, fortresses and castles and also a country of beautiful landscapes.Today Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. First established by the Celts, next used strategically by the Romans and then the domain of the Sun King. Paris is not a city but a feeling of joie de vivre! Les Champs Elysees is the French metropolis’ magnificent avenue and surely one of the most beautiful in the world, with wide boulevards, shady corners and large volumes of traffic. For more than a century the members of the French court languished in Versailles where incredible pageantry and opulence dominated and the king celebrated in majestic style. A hundred hectares of ingenious garden design with a strict symmetry of wide star-shaped garden paths that seem to be without end. With its historic buildings, the eighty metre high granite mound of Le Mont-Saint-Michel is like something from a fairy tale. Due to its unique location and architectural splendour this picturesque village is often referred to as the Wonder Of The Occident. The Emerald Coast is a world of foaming white surf and dramatic cliffs. Saint Malo is the proud and solemn “Town Of Corsairs” as the yacht harbour of today once contained pirate ships. The historic centre of Nice, Vielle Ville, has maintained its charm and boasts the most well displayed fish market on the whole Cote D`Azur and a fruit and flower market that each day offers fresh produce and satisfies all the requirements of its most demanding customers. This is a journey to many corners of France – a fascinating journey not to be missed!

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  1. Wilkerson Charles says

    ici cest paris

  2. ruiyuan dong says

    Why are the French kings been refered to as Ludwig (at 4:11, 10:00, etc.)? They were French kings, they spoke French, not German!

  3. Nick Ciccolella says

    anyone else doing mr.nolans notebook check

  4. Kristina Washington says

    I liked the video. 💜

  5. silvia andrea guzman says

    Magnific video on the great and beautiful France

  6. Kayla Xuereb says

    Is there any way I can turn subtitles on?

  7. wwwonderful says

    L'Algérie restera française – Charles De Gaulle, vantard

  8. Foxes on the Go says

    I love your video! My family and I recently got back from a 3 week vacation in Europe where we stopped in France and visited the country town of Belleau Wood and the city of Paris. There is so much to see and do. We can't wait to go back and explore more of France! 🙂

  9. Da Vinci Cosmetics says

    another like great video

  10. Flight Of Spice Blog says

    Where is your favourite destination?

  11. Герман Устинов says

    помню жил в деревне 84 86 пару лет : прочитал всю классику французскую

  12. Vinit Solanki says

    Je suis Francophile…

  13. Bafana Bafana says

    Thank you expoza .really  your travel documentaries are a guidec

  14. Jose Agustin Castellanos Vargas says

    france vacation travel video castel

  15. Johanne le noan says

    the mont saint michel is NOT in brittany it's in normandy!!!

  16. Da Vinci Cosmetics says

    great video I love it another like.

  17. Anna Tinsman says

    There is another mistake I heard. The Eiffel Tower was built for the 1889 Exposition not 1900.

  18. Hugo Debast says

    Mistake… Kings never been crowned in Notre Dame Paris….
    History for the tourist…

  19. Kevin Danner says

    my great great grandfather frank germain parents are from france my mom been there

  20. FelineBull Ginelle says

    Just recently did my ancestry and this video makes me proud to say that I have French blood. Very beautiful country!

  21. Jalan2 yuuk says

    Wonderful information, thank you so much!!

  22. Ajohnny says

    except french people smell like week old corpses in hot day.

  23. Rotama Funato says

    its an awesome movie!! where can i get the English subtitle or the text that the reader reads?

  24. GAME ON says

    Very nice

  25. Henri Borrel says

    Pourqoui un roast beef explique comment il faut visiter la France?

  26. aks grz says

    sexually foking

  27. Norman Davies says

    Until you see the difference between 480p and 1080HD on a 1080 HD tv screen, you only then ,apreciate how much better quality really does count. Beautifully filmed and ecellently narrated. Very informative. Thank you.From Norman Davies.

  28. Jhonatan Los Pros says

    La France est le maximum

  29. Travels and Cat says

    love France

  30. GoGeo Holidays says

    A super inspiring video…come and visit our India too…#keralahoneymoon

  31. Andrew H says

    Going to be traveling here next June for Euro 2016

  32. Manoj Varughese says

    about to travel there in 3 days.

  33. Anan Lee says

    法國. 巴黎. Very Beautiful ! No.1 !

  34. Living Life Enterprises Presents says

    Hello, Welcome " FRANCE " !!!

  35. Lisa says

    Wow! I just Love that place! I cannot wait to go there soon! 🙂

  36. Ethan Vanwagner says


  37. Ethan Vanwagner says


  38. jairo temoteo says

    16th  February 2015.
    Se voce deseja visitar  Franca sem sair de casa, por favour assista este fantastic video
    If you want to visit  France without leaving your home, please watch this fantastic video.


  39. Ravi kumar singh says

    Very awesome presentation!
    Excellent work!

  40. Annette Ianches says

    I really liked the presentation, vivid and realistic.

  41. Lilly colson says

    Very lovely country. Just love it!

  42. Gregoire Colin says

    Lovely Country France !!!!

  43. Sameena Rani says


  44. Aniruddha Chakroborty says

    Excellent presentation, photography, music & elaboration point by point as if you feel in the place. I must say one should not miss to have glance.

  45. Muoncare Khmer says

    I like Travel Video Guide so much. Thank for uploading this video.

  46. ramachandran tg says

    A well presented video that gives us an insight to France's historical background.Once consisted of several small kingdoms,fighting each other & conquered by powerful empires of yore,it lasted this far with it's basic culture in tact.Though it comes next to England when it comes to colonisation of far off countries,it's technical expertise in building monuments & weapons for warfare are almost equal.The very name France reminds the names  of Luise 14th & Nepolean, the most!

  47. Mema Punzalan says

    Did you mean Louie IV? But you said Ludwig IV…

  48. Furyy51 says

    Kings of France were never crowned in Paris but in the city of Reims…

  49. Mika & Co says

    Great Video!!

  50. Atim Nile says

    Beautiful Country….wanna visit in the near Future!!!

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