1. ARIF NAWAZ says

    Hi arif here I'm trying to make file sharing app like share it Or xander but i don't know which Tecnologies require for making file sharing app

  2. elias zerano says

    how does that work, technically ?

  3. Galaxy Lover 64367 says

    Can this give you a virus

  4. Aurowill Rao Nadipelly says

    For it you should have a common WiFi connection?

  5. Isuru Kuruppu says


  6. Andy Saghbini says

    It says can’t connect

  7. jual flow switch harga murah says

    awesome app! how to doin multiple files in only one time touch download button?

  8. Javonn wang says

    A good tool for transferring file cross platform, but it seems that it does not work for large files transferring.

  9. Dem Frenchfryz Boyz says

    Snap drop doesn’t work for me transferring to windows 10 pc.

  10. nirman sarkar says

    This doesn't work all the time . It most of the times say "connection lost … try in 5 sec…"

  11. Anthony Ramirez says

    my only complaint about both ShareDrop and SnapDrop is that neither of them are desktop applications, so we can't share files if we aren't connected to Wi-Fi. Yes, I am aware of Bluetooth file sharing being built into most devices, but its not the same…

  12. Aria Seraj says

    Great, works perfect between iMac and iPhone x on iOS 12. Thanks alot.

  13. Water Color says

    How does it detect the other device though?

  14. Darryl Mylrea says

    This doesn't work going from iOS 12 to Windows. Tried all choices of browsers on both devices. Shows "Transfering…" on iPhone but nothing pops up on Windows.

  15. Wassim Gharbi says

    A better choice today is https://appertu.re/

  16. Sid says

    gosh that stupid accent

  17. bobbyright2010 says


  18. Hc says

    not working…

  19. Diego Chertoff says

    I like this!! Question: Snapdrop has the ability to transfer files to multiple users simultaneously connected. It may be very usefull for deliver text at classrom. Thanks


    I'm liking this but wondering what the difference is between sending an email with said file? Isn't this basically what you're doing — minus a few steps? Or is the file being sent locally via wifi?

  21. TheTekGuy123 says

    Awesome, looks like a cool service, will definitely use it if I need to move any files across to Android or Windows 🙂 Keep up the great videos bro

  22. John G says

    I run chrome on iphone and send image file from mac. After finish it just open up new tab without anything in it. Tried also videos, i realize that is very slow copy over, like 2mb/sec and fluctuating.

  23. Abhinendra Singh says

    Thanks for sharing this. I have a question: If I send something from my iPhone to Mac that goes to downloads. But if I do other way round, where does the file (image) gets saved in my iPhone?

  24. Brad Snyder says

    This is really cool. Thanks for sharing!

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