1. Josh Temo says

    Simon “I’m the best” Also Simon “shot I scored an own goal “

  2. Jacky Boiii says

    Honestly it pisses me off knowing that Simon doesn’t know how to drift

  3. Samia Childs says

    play more rocket league

  4. Mosuviou5 says

    Watching in 2020 🤘🏻🤘🏻 still think rocket league is funny

  5. Jppap 10 says

    Is it me or are the graphics really bad

  6. Jppap 10 says

    Is it me or are the graphics really bad

  7. KreamZ says

    Stick to shell shock because your probably the shitiest player I've ever seen, 1v1 me then post it on ur channel on u losing

  8. Junior 17 says

    no moms were hurt in the making of this video

  9. Blox Town FC [ROFA] says

    Before I use to thought this was the main channel, btw I loved rocket league series

  10. Claire Baker says

    Watching 2016 rocket league in 2019 is the best it just reminds you of how much they used to play it

  11. Sammy Spike says

    [Simon] hyokan. 3:39

  12. Halle Carlsen says


  13. Halle Carlsen says


  14. cian_12_f STREAMERBTW says

    If u press square u skid

  15. Ethan Grant says

    I don’t really like watching ur rocket league vids because it’s really painful when I’m a legend and ur a veteran but make really bad mistakes all the time🤦‍♂️

  16. Frank Wu says

    It's so unsatisfying to watch him play for some reason.

  17. Harrison Radford says

    Ngl none of the sidemen are good

  18. ls250__. 5 says

    Simon scored 3 in game 1

  19. John Debono says

    Them cars are amazing!!!!!!!

  20. WiggyPlayz says

    Did anyone hear Vik say so so so

  21. Jack Adams says

    Simon at 1:28

  22. Lessy Lesser says

    1:54 what a redirect

  23. Andrew Kirkhope says

    9:10 i knew there would be a 'thats what she said'

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