Football Manager is FREE and on the move


So while I was in class, some big news broke. Football manager is frickin free. Like, you get to keep it forever free, no jokes. I don’t know if FM has ever done this before, certainly not in my tenure on YouTube. I break down what the move means for SI and Football Manager and how it will change the way future editions operate.

You now have no excuse to get football manager 2020 in your game library. Epic Games out here being the unexpected FM hero. SI is making some moves, and I’m excited for the future of football manager.

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  1. Peter Hassane says

    I wanna ask anyone , can I play without the epic games launcher? I wanna download but like I don't need the freaking launcher😂 so does anyone know?

  2. Pepe O says

    Since the 4.2 update I can't "save" the game. I have to "save as"..

  3. Cloudy says

    Made an epic store account just for this. I was hoping for a humble bundle to get the game a little cheaper and suddenly this happens. Truly godsend.
    Also, for those who don't want epic to launch with the game:
    Find the game's exe file. Make a shortcut. Enter the shortcut's properties, and on the end of the file's path leave an empty space and type -EpicPortal

  4. Shahaab Rahman says

    hey can you do a video on how to set up and play an online save and all the different functions of the save. also any problems i could encounter and how to deal with these. thanks 🙂

  5. Robert Cooke says

    This is great I have fm18 couldn’t afford it otherwise

  6. Dove says

    Also epic pay the developers per install ( every free copy given away is payed directly to the devs at an undisclosed rate that we are not told ) this is a rapid expansionary model in order to harvest market share and at pretty much any cost. The same way Uber, Amazon ( in the early days ) run huge loses in their balance sheets in order to gain market share and put pressure on the competition. It's not a new strategy but it's not a friendly one behind the scenes, its more predatory than you think and can only be done by corporations with huge capital or backed by venture capitalists who provide the liquidity.

    At the end of the day it's a huge gamble because if it works you make money from new customers, however 1 blunder or bad future practice can be lethal. Free games are great, I use Epic games as a whore and would probably not spend money there since I understand their strategy and all my games are on steam so I defend steam because it's been a trustworthy platform for many years ever since counter strike 1.6 days, epic is a new player and even though they are trustworthy, it's kind of like picking your favorite team, you always have a bias.

  7. Dove says

    The last version of FM I payed for was FM2010. Got this one for free and nothing has changed lol 10 years worth of development still using the same match deterministic game engine.

  8. Guy Incognito says

    Thank you, Zealand. Wouldnt have found this without your video. Thumbs up!

  9. Yellow Scar Lightning Scream says

    FM 20? Is free?

  10. George Masters says

    It's also on Xbox game pass PC bro!

  11. Tom Azriel says

    Anyone else having a problem with savibg the game/starting a loaded games instantly? Got those problems since the update

  12. Belladonna says

    epic store no thanks, i'd rather pay and keep my private data from ten cent ty 😉

  13. proceduralgames says

    Thank you, grabbed it

  14. Aaron Bloom says

    It says on that you have to pay for it if you want to continue playing after the 24th

  15. Hugo Noriega says

    Touch is great for online leagues, thou the AI is kinda dumb at times

  16. IT'S ME MARIO says

    Did anyone already tried FM editor third party like FMSE or anything else.. (For FM 2020 From epic games.. Not steam).. Is it work??

  17. Harry Wilkinson says

    Are you kidding me I bought it last week 😩

  18. Jaime Aguilar says

    Man, I was already addicted to your content without having bought the game. Now I guess I'll have to quit my job and re-start the lockdown.

  19. Lazu says

    It says it is unavailable in my region 😢

  20. Tanesis Rogan says

    Cannot stand Epic. Rather pay 3x on Steam than get free on EGS. I appreciate thats me being stubbon but meh

  21. Gabriel Souza Hipolito says

    @sports interactive PLEASE work on a women database <3

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