FM21 Manchester United – Episode 10: Ronaldo Returns | Football Manager 2021 Let's Play


In today’s Football Manager 2021 Episode Ronaldo returns to Old Trafford!
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FM21 Manchester United – Episode 10: Ronaldo Returns | Football Manager 2021 Let’s Play
FM21 Manchester United – Episode 10: Ronaldo Returns | Football Manager 2021 Let’s Play
FM21 Manchester United – Episode 10: Ronaldo Returns | Football Manager 2021 Let’s Play

  1. Lars Kittil says

    Did it say PSG were second in Ligue 1? Someone has done the impossible in FM!

  2. Francisco Ribeiro says

    Bottom at Christmas live would be great Jack!

  3. Chew Kai Xian says

    Kulusevski is a very talent youngster that Juv signed

  4. The Bearded Warrior says

    Don’t do a Rosberg defend your title(s) if you win it all! But If Leicester go down then a Leicester redemption would be cool!

  5. TheMrWoody says

    Jack, you should have to sign Ronaldo now since you baited us all! Sign him and then make him your assistant coach when he retires.

  6. Josh Wood says

    Bottom at Christmas would be the perfect short term save to tie us over to Park to Prem!

  7. superbaronraimondo says

    I think it'd be more fun to move on from United if you do the clean sweep this year, you've kind of done everything you could at that point, and with the crap youth intake, there's not even a decent story to follow of whether you could rival United's record of bringing prospects through under Fergie.

    On a secondary note, Edwards has been poor the second half of this season, but I think he's suffering from playing out on the right. Perhaps try bringing Greenwood on down the right, and moving Rashford up top, with Edwards taking his preferred left side as an option?

  8. TransportBaz says

    Park-to-Prem with Whyteleafe FC? Please??????

  9. Inverterad Ytterback FM says

    Kulusevski <3 Proud Swede! He is great on my Juventus-save

  10. Meekz 5789 says

    Yeah go to Leicester

  11. Abhishek Laha says

    I think you've got the wrong idea of what encourage means. When a team is 2 goals up you don't encourage them, when they're 2 goals down you do.

  12. Thomas Stoneman says

    Bottom at Christmas definitely. You didn't manage the last one you did with Burnley, you need to right that wrong!

  13. Thomas Stoneman says

    Bottom at Christmas definitely. You didn't manage the last one you did with Burnley, you need to right that wrong!

  14. Umar Ali says

    Great away win, great tactical changes during game, learning a lot from your videos. Great content. Keep up the great work.

  15. Koos Gadellaa says

    Martial: Waterbottle challenge accepted

  16. Henri Page says

    Great tactical change in the second leg. It changed the game.

  17. Chris Ross says

    I defo feel like its easier atm, granted it could just be because its a beta, i'm on my third season as Celtic manager and have just had back to back champions leagues…im not that good haha

  18. Sam Carpenter says

    Jack can you do Messi and Ronaldo at non league sides again please. I live for the stupid experiments 😂

  19. El Presedente says

    Work the space ultra here!! Park to prem, take on Newport Isle of Wight as the next P2P you could be the first overseas premiership winner!!

  20. Jovan Dikanovic says

    link for skin? 😀

  21. barak avni says

    I'm always staying until the end of the video jack and to tbh idk what series u'll do I'll gurantee to u that I'll watch it keep up the good work 👏 👏👏

  22. James Westwell says

    Bottom at Christmas is a good idea for a short save (around Christmas 🎄) before full release of the game. Maybe with Newcastle or a Bundesliga team.

  23. Graham Reeves says

    Signed bastoni for Liverpool in FM 20 he was an immense CB. Think you have signed a top class player for that price

  24. Liam Howard says

    Drink every video Jack says 'They want me to play a shorter passing style of play….. Absolutely not'

  25. Shawn Mason says

    Throw a bottle, tell them you are pleased, don’t demand more (I love demand more), then kill Juve, gut them in front of their fans and lame ass ultras!! I hate ManU but I love them when you run them.

  26. Ricky G says

    This Beta looks super easy, I will not lie.. the actual game has to be way harder than that cuz thats boring.
    At this rate, Jack will do the treble with Man Utd, just imagine it for a sec..

  27. Koos Gadellaa says

    Christmas tree formation!

  28. Ryan Liggett says

    I was baited, thought you signed him haha

  29. Koos Gadellaa says

    a shame you can't see the xg in the summaries. Next to the goals, it shows a bit about the match…

  30. Chris Hornback says

    Bottom at Christmas would be great before a new Park to Prem Season.

    I love both ideas

  31. simclay123 says

    Just look to see if they havent already got a new manager, its not likely they would sack a replacement if they go down

  32. Billy Drew says

    Proud to be a workthespace Ultra 👍 Make whatever vids you most want to make Jack. I will be here watching no matter what!

  33. Patrick Lawless says

    Really hope you throw a lot of money at Rennes for Camavinga this summer, he’s been an absolute beast for me in my Leeds save throughout the years

  34. Timmy Blom says

    Maguire is too slow for my taste

  35. Javadamutt says

    I really enjoyed the rebuilding Chelsea save were the team was cut apart and a plan to develop youth. That has been one of your best short term saves IMO

    Bottom at christmas was disappointing, it didnt feel you could do much and nothing you did mattered. Maybe if it was a more regular thing and involved a deep analysis of the team, how to identify the strenghts of a team in crisis and what you can do to not so much cheat the game, but get something out of nothing it would be good.

    Alternatively mod the game and promote a championship side and see how they get on in the premiership. Maybe one for those who wondered if Rangers or Celtic would survive

  36. Stephen Duedu says

    A Leicester move should they go down could potentially be an interesting one. Man United is turning out to be way too easy.

  37. Michael Kobylko says

    You bring your saves to life so well. I'm enjoying it.

  38. Madelu157 says

    First season quadruple?

  39. Cass says

    Great half time team talk 👌🏾

  40. Twisted Muppet says

    Is it just me or does anyone else get excited when we win

  41. MAN'S BEST FRIEND says

    Stick with bailly please don't sell him to me he's the best CB at united

  42. Mladen Gjorgiev says

    Dejan's name is pronounced as Deyan.

  43. FaisalLasiaf1 says

    Hey Jack, would you worry about pace at CB with Maguire and Bastoni or not a worry with how you're set up? p.s. really enjoying the content. keep up the good work!

  44. Brian Keady says

    Great 2nd leg performance Jack. Like your thinking on Leicester. Could be an interesting project to take on!!!

  45. RPG says

    With that 54 million pounds id rather buy Upamecano or a cheaper options are nehuen perez and Josko Gvardiol or if u like HGN cb Mepham is a beast tall and fast bpd can easily become disgruntled once u make him a top target since bournemouth are trash.

  46. A G says

    Is the champions league curse over

  47. Sharvagya says

    Story of every fregging United Carrer mode or save file:Return of Ronaldo

  48. Jop de Ruiter says


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