FM21 | Leeds United | IT'S A PROBLEM! | #8 | Football Manager 2021


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  1. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


  2. Rhys Maynard says

    How did you add the Manchester United logo? The TCM pack I'm using doesn't have it

  3. KILBOTIKS says

    I had issues with the auto select button for registration – hindsight says double check

  4. SpicedMagnolia says

    When you start the Scandinavian Glory Hunter save, will you post highlights on YT? I'm really looking forward to watching that challenge!

  5. nwiley619 says

    blocked ears are fukin annoying . Had one for a bout a month and when it unblocked was like my hearing was better than ever.

  6. Xalvador 75 says

    Club Board: “We want you to sign young players.”

    Most people who play FM: “No worries. I actually have a list of young wonderkids that I would like to bring to the club and build the rest of the squad around.

    Ben: “Ah, right. Of course I can do that….eventually. But in the meantime, I’ve signed Wilshire, Defoe, Cabaye, Toure and Garay.”

  7. Jason Robinson says

    Hello Benjy, I have the beta version for the first time, if i start a save will it continue with the full version and update or continue as a beta save. Thank you.

  8. Jon Flood says

    "They argue and they bicker and they fight". Little subtle Bo Burnham reference Ben?

  9. Tom F says

    I'm a very average FM player who just finished 6th in the first season with Fulham, this beta is definitely too easy (without trying to detract from your managerial work)

  10. Mr Type A Personality says

    I had the "testing conditions only" bug too. Bought someone else and clicked register player and it fixed itself

  11. Echelon ZZ says

    #7 Where is episode 7 or is this episode 7? Haha

  12. G M says

    Having watched you for years, I’m shocked at how well you are doing.

  13. Adec says

    Going 25 games into the season with Leeds, I'm currently unbeaten in the league at top 2. Is the game mode too easy or am I just too good of a football manager?

  14. jenweya says

    Awesome vid as usual Ben! Been a fan of yours for ages, and I really appreciate the time and effort you've been putting in. Keep it up 🙂 Side note, ep 7 isn't in the leeds youtube playlist

  15. ian baron says

    how do you change your view? can anyone help me? my game layout (tactics scree, squad screen, scouting and so on) look super zoomed in and weird.

  16. Jack Deasy says

    If you just back out the registration page it will automatically register him anyway it’s worked for me

  17. Marek Misiewicz says

    Get yourself an ear flushing kit from amazon. Bloody lifesaver

  18. Jude Scally says

    Get a bulb syringe for your ear and blast warm water into it until it unblocks. It happens to me all the time.

  19. mrbanana1805 ! says

    Your first goal against Brighton is a carbon copy of Brighton's first goal against West Brom a few weeks ago

  20. Jamie Hamilton says

    The scenes in Yorkshire if Leeds make Europe! Hope your ear gets better

  21. Adam Sheldrick says

    Took out 1 eat bud to have the same experience

  22. The RIchard Wright Stuff says

    Hope your ear gets better quickly sir!

  23. Charlie Pheasey says

    I thought it was AC Milan that was after Rose

  24. Jake Medley says

    Blocked ear, inside out t shirt and still can't pronounce his keepers name. Ben is back!
    Its Meh-lee-air

  25. Rocky Tom says

    Omg slavia Prague pLayer. That is where I live I’m going to dieeeeee

  26. Paul Weller says

    Does fm seem too easy this year?

  27. David Reis says

    Looks like you are wearing a roll of tissue paper on your head mate

  28. Peter Santamaria-Woods says

    Really enjoying the series so far. Can't help but wonder if off-camera guy is still around? 🤔 I miss SCHOUTEN.

  29. Brad K says

    If you can get into Europe I don't think the game is too easy, I think you are just a talented manager. Someone who doesn't have that much time to play and dedicate to tweaking tactics etc will go a whole year only winning the Vanarama North (Like me on FM20!)

  30. Gray FM says

    the way nelson runs away from the own goal he didn't do anything

  31. Seppe Borghs says

    no one
    *leeds have a shot
    Benjy: flippin heck

  32. Michael David Perry says

    Good video again and look forward to the road works lol

  33. George Ezomo says

    Lol with my fm editor I never worry about making registration mistakes. Can always go back 😄

  34. SlixteeSlix says

    "at least I look good"….. Oops

  35. Cemal Osman says

    Need to get roberts more involved scored many goals for me in my first season at Leeds

  36. DaniOTHfanArg says

    Great vid Benjy!! Keep it coming mate.
    Hey a Draw It'S not that bad !!!
    Looking forward to more

  37. KingsPlayTV says

    I don't think the game is too easy if you get to Europe. You made good signings plus in real life, Leeds are definitely good enough to do a Wolves like a couple seasons ago.

  38. Jack Stephens says

    Ben i love you but come on with these 1 game videos.. at least give us two

  39. Harry the Lad says

    i tested out your OFFENSIVE tactic, and you should just use that because im 15 games in with fulham (arguably weaker) and im 3rd, playing 4 of the top six

  40. Zac Jarvis says

    I'm sure your February so far is like any given February for an Arsenal fan

  41. Ben Hutton says

    Why are you only doing one game per episode now?

  42. SirHubbo92 says

    I don't know if it's my wifi but sometimes the video is lagging a little bit. Great content as always

  43. Tap.Water says

    "I've made one massive error . . ."
    He signed someone, didn't he?
    ". . . I've brought in Peter Olayinka . . ."
    Bit of a weird one, but okay, what's wro-
    ". . . I forgot to register him."
    –and… Of course you did…

  44. Chris Stone says

    I’ve signed Roberts from Leeds for Norwich, doing really well if you need a good forward player.

  45. fatyoshi48 says

    How much money do you make from this mate?

  46. glenn howard says

    Shouted that’s one word ben

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