FM21 | Leeds United | INJURY CRISIS!? | #7 | Football Manager 2021


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  1. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


  2. Stalin Mao says

    Patrick Bamford is doing more than ok in the prem. He's leeds best player so far. prolific

  3. Akinola. says

    Would absolutely love to see Liverpool, utd, City, Everton & Leeds take those top 5 spots, North West would be truly the home of football ⚽❤️

  4. Unknown Baller says

    raphinha is so injury prone. had about 4 3-8 week injuries in my leeds save and the season isn’t even over

  5. EHP says

    need to have a look at mccalmont, he’s on loan from leeds atm

  6. David Reis says

    Sell Danny Rose to Inter

  7. Nathan Turnock says

    Maybe Coutinho won the ballon d'or? So random though haha

  8. G M says

    I’ve just started this save with leeds also (my local team).. suddenly Ben’s signing aren’t that crazy. Impossible to get a decent LB, I missed out on rose, I ended up with Wiltshire, he’s a starter. And I sold alioski.

  9. Michael David Perry says

    Good win and good video

  10. Adam Crowther says

    Wax on, wax off, benji-san

  11. Gary Watters says

    Well this video is gonna be copyright stricken by both The BeeGees and Steps after that singing 😂

  12. Cemal Osman says

    You dont need to sign another striker just get tyler roberts in the team, hes my top scorer on my save hes on 14 goals in 12 games

  13. AmazingChi says

    Areola was that young keeper you'd always sign about 5 years ago. I agree it's a little weird seeing him at Fulham now.

  14. Will Handley says

    Also started a save with Leeds finished 4th first season only signing Alfredo Morelos 18m and Alonso on loan from Chelsea.

    The biggest thing I’ve found is how many great youth prospect we have. Already a few have made it into my starting 11. Charlie Cresswell looks the pick of the bunch with fantastic stats for 18 he’s now partnering Koch in defence. Leif Davis in my first choice LB and Shackleton starts alongside Phillips with both Noah Kenneh and Jack Jenkins as the understudies again both have great potential and already in the youth team! You should definitely take a look!

  15. Bellingham

  16. Ben Roebuck says

    where do you get the badges and leagues skin

  17. ICULookin says

    Coutinho was probably the best performer that season in Europe and therefore the gold standard.

  18. Cameron Wales says

    When people said defoes career was done when he moved to Toronto 🤣

  19. Adam Dunkley says

    Kind of annoyed that, yet again, Man Utd continue to do really really well when in real life they're not challenging for the title & haven't been for a while.

  20. Calum French says

    How does he get his touchline tablet like that? cheers

  21. Mark Barclay says

    Can’t believe you stole Defoe from the Gers😡😁

  22. Shaun Cotterill says

    RODRIGOALS! What a guy! 😎

  23. Jamie Hamilton says

    Do you think bringing up countinho is an attempt to rhyme with rodigro??

  24. PhilsBlogs says

    Ben I'm sure you'll never see this.. but your videos are class mate! So thank you.

  25. Scott Shields says

    Sign a few players on January that’s out of contact in summer spend as less as possible and save it for summer when top players or maybe unhappy and get better deals?

  26. Jamie Hamilton says

    Doctor Benjy 2020: It’s not about the brand of Doctor Benjy, it’s about the look of Doctor Benjy 😂 😂 I love you Ben

  27. Michael McCollum says

    BeeGees, not steps! 🙁

  28. Louis clark says

    So on the injuries , i got to january with 58 total injuries a lot of them major injuries on first team members , i have figured out why .

    1} take control of ALL your training , your assistant adds physical training in some very retarded places , like before a match .
    1a} add some recovery slots after every game played it heavily reduces the injury risk .
    2} go to individual training anywhere from no heart fitness to half heart should be set to no training , half heart to 3 quarter heart shud be half intensity , and the last two slots shud be normal training
    2b} make sure your training intensity on your calendar is under half load for the 2 days before any games .

  29. mahalajr2000 says

    Nice! I managed ASEC in FM20 with a league update and was able to sign Yaya Toure for free! It's good to see him find his way back home in FM21, too.

  30. Paul Reilly says

    Get a string vest and he looks like Rab C Nesbitt

  31. johnwally14 says

    The music for the intro does sound like a pretty bad soap

  32. Never Fearful says

    The Coutinho memes going forward are going to be noice

  33. Rachel Hughes says

    Doctor Benji… new member of Cobra-Kai! 💥

  34. Andy DC says

    Enjoyed the video so much, I stayed subscribed. Thanks Ben!

  35. Tony French says

    10th isn't looking too difficult for you now is it??

  36. Deadwing 87 says

    Ummm Bee Gees sang Tragedy

  37. EraTic says

    Ben, Rofrigo is a mad man. In my first season he got 33 in 34 with 3 assists. Actually Unstoppable and he will carry your team up the table no doubt

  38. Reza Eftekhari says

    Love the vids, anyone get an reccomdations on a good ( ideally on the cheaper side ) PC to run FM on? Thanks, done with struggling with my mac.

  39. Rasmus Langner says

    Who's on team Wilshere?

  40. Tightfistedgoat says

    The intro music. Sounds like a program from the 90’s 😂

  41. Joel Fox says

    With the injuries are you gonna try promote some of the youth players? Leeds have got some good talents like gelhardt and Greenwood

  42. abdullah hussian says

    Kaio Jorge would be a good striker

  43. George Hurst says

    can anyone tell me why I can't upload the face packs on my mac?

  44. Tap.Water says

    Think Ben has Dyslexia. He saw "Sign players under the age of 23" and started signing anyone over the age of 32

  45. rootzee says


  46. Kasper Kirk Nielsen says

    Nice Rangers hoodie benjy!

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