FM21 | Leeds United | IN THE MUD?! | #10 | Football Manager 2021


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  1. troper45679 says

    Strange to be from Colchester and how many people know about our zoo.

  2. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


  3. Ryan W says

    I think Leeds will do well in real life proberly 11th they have been really unlucky with injuries lately.

  4. Alex Simpson says

    Ain’t it “I’m a little tea pot”

  5. The Zee says

    Alllllllll ready for the bottle job. Thanks Ben!

  6. Rich Dennis says

    Ben. Quick question. Why do you bother talking to your players. You know it never goes well. And if you are going to talk to them. Don't go with your instincts. I fact ignore them completely and do the opposite. Can't be any worse than current form.

  7. Mister 2 Feet says

    Lol the highs and lows you experience in football manager is mad🤣 quality content mate! You've really inspired me try uploading in youtube and its so much fun

  8. Tim Trewin says

    Love your series, however I am doing far better in my Leeds saved 🙂

  9. Peter Waite says

    Great episode Ben!

  10. Spaceman_797 says

    I came here for quality FM content, I got reccomendations on the UK's wildlife parks. Classic Ben

  11. Tom F says

    More like Penalty Klich

  12. Erwin Zapata says

    How do You auto zoom ?

  13. Brandon Tablatin says

    Loving this series!❤

  14. MatteCal says

    "There's a nice zoo in Colchester" Oh Benjy

  15. Reubs says

    The positivity on this channel has got me through so many difficult times over the last four years. Thanks for the content Ben.

  16. Fifa 19 player reviews says

    Where did u download the badges mate?

  17. Dan Smith says

    I can’t believe Ben just went out of his way to piss off Almada even more

  18. Dan Lewis says

    It says alot when Ben's most famous save is from a real game of football and not one of his football manager ones

  19. aidan flood says

    Sign Ryan Christie

  20. Jamie Hamilton says

    A masterclass in tactics and man management!

  21. Rob Pratley says

    Ron Vlaar a summer target to keep the average signings age at 30+?

  22. Josh Beszant says

    Where can I grab the skin for the badges etc?!

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