FM21 | Leeds United | HEADBAND POWER?! | #19 | Football Manager 2021


It’s a roller coaster of pure emotion.
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  1. Robert Mitchard says

    The fact you haven't promoted Noah Kenneh is criminal

  2. Raidiya Qemal says

    Just change around your team instruction and u good with your team

  3. Tom Foulsham says

    The best we can hope for as viewers is some light entertainment to carry us through to the start of Thames

  4. Thijs Dijkstra says

    "Bring back glory hunter"….was that a hint boss ? I'd like to see a new series… be or not to be….what will it be

  5. Harry Gilfoyle says

    How have you not been sacked

  6. Mister 2 Feet says

    Lets admit it! We've all been in poor Benjy's shoes Lol🤣 the classic fm meltdown

  7. William Cross says

    The best you can hope for is to pronounce your player's names correctly

  8. TheAnde777 says

    Defo need better strikers

  9. Scott Baxter says

    I think you can salvage a top ten finish.

    Also, I have to thank you for the concept of Glory Hunter. Started my own version in the Americas on FM Mobile, and it's been tons of fun. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. AmazingChi says

    Who said "Disappointment, Optimism, Bottle"? Because as it turns out, they were bloody spot on.

  11. Archie Marshall says

    The best we can hope for is Barrios getting a year long suspension

  12. Mark Caton says

    We somehow finish 7th and the team in eighth wins the FA cup

  13. Jamie Hamilton says

    Let’s not be silly as he reverts from a 2-2-4-2 to a 2-3-3-2! Just Ben things ❤️ best thing you can hope for is a double over Arsenal, wins over Tottenham and United and losses to Brighton and notts forest

  14. andrew murray says

    Ya Ya Toure is the missing link

  15. Dan Smith says

    I can’t help but feel like you guys are all overreacting about your performances this season. You’re managing Leeds, you just got promoted last year and overperformed to reach the EL. Mid table is what you should be expecting

  16. Adam Butterworth says

    On the beach by April.

  17. XzMattyxZ says

    Stick in 12th

  18. rockychieng88 says

    I was wondering why you are not getting the sack. Lol

  19. Not a Name says

    This is unrelated to the video, but I can't find a solution anywhere so thought I would leave this here in case anyone has any ideas

    Has anyone experienced desync in multiplayer games (in FM2020)? I've played quite a few MP games and they all went fine, until the other day when I was playing with my brother, he was watching my game and was seeing goals scored when nothing was happening on my end, whenever I go into a game what I see happening is completely different from what the server thinks is happening. For example I just drew 0-0 with Lokomotiv, but when I went back to the home page the top news story was about me edging them out 2-1. I tried another game and it happened with that one too, I saw a 3-2 win and but the game thinks I lost 2-0, so we started a new save and it's still happening, it seems like desync from the host, and when it syncs again it updates it to what the host saw

  20. Chris VDB says

    btw its: Mess-Lee-ay

  21. Chris VDB says

    Ben you should get a second striker like Danny Ings or bring back the boy luis alberto, he will be older and cheaper but still have amazing stats and the creative midfielder you need.

  22. Alan Scrimgeour says

    Nice to see formation man has made the transition over to FM21…

  23. Mitchell Lowe says

    I've found 4-3-3 with a dm to be really poor this season, going 4-2-3-1 with a defensive minded mid in there seems to work much better

  24. Alex Conie says

    BRING ON THAMES!!! you are intentionally throwing this season. just put a bullet in it and start Thames

  25. Aidan Hawkesworth says

    Put costa in goal he would do a better job

  26. ScottBGaming says

    "I won a football match. Get in me!" DoctorBenjy 03/12/2020

  27. Charian says

    Best we can hope for? A surprising and seemingly impossible return of Stijn Schouten!! (Game editor????)

  28. Wayne Liquid says

    best u can hope for – dont get sacked

  29. Martin Brice says

    Sacked in't morning

  30. G M says

    Koopmieners isnt a defender – look at his stats
    Top half is best I’d hope for

  31. Alex Kubecka says

    The goal has gotta be to draw a game at this point

  32. Dan Wise says

    It’s the start of December and Ben’s already having a fm21 meltdown🤣🤣

  33. AnooBigSocks says

    Absolute bottle job

  34. chigo000 _ says

    You need to brush up on Zealand videos 😂

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