FM20 Release Clause Bargains Under £10m | Football Manager 2020 Release Clauses Under £10m


In this video we have a look at all the best players with a release clause between £5m-£10m

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  1. Wessel says


  2. Wessel says
  3. jaybajan says

    im playing fm2020 touch on pc, and i cant find half of these players, why not?

  4. Fredaah / Frederik says

    Can say Dani Pancheo is bad above anything that over la liga 2, been Malaga 2 years in a row now and last year as well as this year he is bad above la liga 2, will not recommend

  5. Jezz Bish says

    Moriba from Barcelona has a release clause of 10.25 million, signs for any top club and some mid table clubs in top leagues if you offer him enough. World class midfield, very much like a young Paul Pogba.

  6. King of Kings says

    In €?

  7. Gino says

    Please help me out i have fm 19 but im not sure if i want to buy fm 20 is it way better or? What should i do i dont know if fm 20 has much changed please help me out if i have to stick with fm19 or buy fm20

  8. m fadli says

    One thing about your recommended players : work permit….

  9. Jozo Jack says

    What skin do you use

  10. Matthew Daisley says

    What's the skin u use??

  11. Simmi0312 says

    Pedrinho´s Clause is a Mistake, he didnt renew his contract, and he still has his old clause .. and that was a 50mil € buyOutClause for Foreign clubs.

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