When his cybernetic pet project is put in jeopardy, the handyman of a decaying apartment building is forced to take a stand, blurring the lines between human and machine.

FLESH COMPUTER, a short film from writer/director Ethan Shaftel, explores the nature of consciousness by jumping between the perspectives of an eclectic group of characters including a young girl, a vicious bully, and a tiny housefly. Noted philosopher David Chalmers appears in the film and raises some fundamental questions of consciousness in counterpoint to the action. Also starring Rob Kerkovich (NCIS: New Orleans), Anthony Guerino, and introducing Elle Gabriel.

See the complete David Chalmers Interview here:

  1. KP ITOX says

    wow , now thats what i call a brilliant discovery made accidentally while surfing youtube.Great Movie kudos.

  2. XxX says

    This short sucks.

  3. Sarah Spike Fisk says

    I loved this!

  4. Bishop Howells says

    Creepy in a Cronenberg way and I like it

  5. Joseph Murray says


  6. JTelli786 says

    So the guy says not to shoot the cat because that would be way too "cold" but then proceeds to force the guy to eat biological waste for amusement? 

  7. paul smith says

    Oh, RIGHT up my alley ~ thanks e'er so much!

  8. Rafael Hipolito says


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