First look: Kyoto’s Fire Ramen restaurant in Singapore | CNA Lifestyle


Fancy Japanese food with a sideshow of scorching hot flames? The famous Menbaka Fire Ramen from Japan is now in Singapore and we had a sneak peek at what you can expect when it opens to the public on Nov 24 at Cineleisure Orchard.

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  1. KeonXD says

    The comment section are full of idiots lmao

  2. ab bbb says

    Any MSG or industrial product in these Ramen?

  3. Anna Pu says

    Is this real ramen or just another gimmick covering disappointment

  4. Gvnady says

    Its like Flambé on Ramen
    Chat needs to chill lol
    Japanese chefs are more strict in training

  5. jrukawa11 says


  6. jrukawa11 says

    That’s why global warming

  7. jrukawa11 says

    When not eating, why don’t you put on your mask?

  8. Benjamin Koh says

    Can't wait for this place to burn down

  9. 橘Deru says

    The main question.

    How much for a bowl?

  10. Listening Watching says

    It is WHEN not if this place burns up or people gets injured, it is to be expected. It will NOT be classified as accident.

  11. Dyno Saur says

    You gonna pay more for the show than the food and she looks like someones rich peoples daughter so i bet she wont even breakdown the price and ask why. Sign also said dont make a fuss.

  12. Godbless you says


  13. Юрий Тарасевич says
  14. KHỈ TRƯỜNG SƠN says

    one day it burn up the whole place. they play with fire 🔥

  15. Cosmo Ray says

    Is India abusing anti-terror laws?

  16. Yvonne Steiner says

    When you cooking and accidents have fire: FML
    when you actually pay to have your food set on fire:🙊

  17. Yvonne Steiner says

    Later restaurant burn down dont ask why 🤣

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