FINAL HIGHLIGHTS: Tahiti v. Portugal – FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2015


Portugal 2015: Was it the host Portuguese or the surprising Tahitians who won the exciting Beach Soccer World Cup final? FIFA Beach Soccer MATCH HIGHLIGHTS:

Espinho Stadium, Espinho, Portugal, Semi-finals, 18 July 2015. Full match details:

Top 10 Goals: FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Tahiti 2013:

Top 10 Goals: FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Ravenna 2011:

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  1. David Djordjevic says

    It's very nostalgic final and tournament for Tahiti and everyone who follows beach soccer. Beach soccer is more interesting than football. Why this tournament is not every year😢. Tahiti🇵🇫 is the best nation in the world! 🔥Viva Tahiti.

  2. All Jj says

    WHO is watching this in 2019 also 😂😂😂❤️

  3. Djole CFR Cluj says

    Tahiti is the best beach soccer nation on the world!

  4. Giorgio_plays says

    Anyone 2019

  5. EK Services says

    Big hello fromAUSTRALIA!,

  6. Best Video Ever says

    Tahiti also celebration👍👍👍

  7. Fire Dragon TV says

    O kara


    Beach soccer is awesomeness

  9. Leong Hong Ling says

    If it was 11 V 11 football, Tahiti would have their arses TRASHED at least 8 – 0

  10. Omar Reyes says

    2 years later in 2017 Bahamas… Tahiti reached the finals again.



  12. Sandro Alípio says

    Football – Cristiano RonaldoFutsal – RicardinhoBeach Soccer – MadjerWow, Portugal is actually dominating 😮 !

  13. Giovanni Schimmenti says

    Tahiti is a Beast at Beach soccer,in 11 v 11 it sucks xD

  14. Sicarius47 says


  15. Rosa Araujo says


  16. Rosa Araujo says


  17. lil don says

    Questionable goalies…

  18. Yuung Papi says

    Tahiti are beast

  19. brinca na areia says

    super portugal

  20. bharat gupta says


  21. Morris Rose says

    Did Cristiano Ronaldo play in this final ?

  22. Noah Soares says

    viva portugal

  23. Lindsay Dewar says

    How long are these matches?

  24. Kwaku Appiyah says

    but that miss tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. rajarshi says

    FINAL HIGHLIGHTS: Tahiti v. Portugual – FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2015

  26. rajarshi says

    shiny trophy – i was supporting portugal

  27. Javier Rodriguez says


  28. Elton Jesus says

    interesting is brazil didn't make the final, during the mudialitos, brazil was almost always a finalist. Brazil and Portugal have always been the 2 strongest nations in beach soccer, would have liked to see Portugal beat brazil in the final.

  29. Mr Joker says

    the goalkeepers are very stupid

  30. Dinis Gonzalez Gonzalez says

    @Sérgio Miguel Reis I know you from CaniSports vídeos

  31. Luke Maynes says

    I did not know this existed

  32. Hugo Silva says

    Tahiti vs PORTUGAL (not Portugual).Kind regards.

  33. Daniel Lara says

    Congratulations, the Portuguese for winning the cup in front of a rowdy home crowd. This is the first time a Portuguese team became champions since 2001.

  34. Sérgio Miguel Reis says

    Great final, with amazing goals for both teams, congratulations not only to the Portuguese team, but also to Tahiti, who did an amazing job in this tournament, and definetely could have won it all.

  35. FIFATV says

    Did you miss the awesome Beach Soccer World Cup final?

  36. jean fabien Apiazari says

    bravo tahiti ! tres tres beau parcours !

  37. Gonçalo Melo says

    campeões, campeões, nós somos campeões! :Dorgulho em vocês pessoal! 😀

  38. Fredrik Z says

    Portugal! Portugal! Portugal! 😀 😀 😀

  39. 史旺諾 says

    Well done Tahiti.. You make the Oceania very proud by reaching that far.

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