1. inkpaladin says

    Total instances: 4

    1. A man meets with one of Gustav's knights and demands to know where he is. The man slips out that he's in the desert before Ramza's arrival interrupts the conversation. Oh, and Delita identifies that caped man as Wiegraf, leader of the Death Corps.

    2. Draclau has a clandestine meeting with Gafgarion and Rudvich. He allows the former to clean up the mess Ramza made, and slaughters the latter for being so incompetent.

    3. Alma discovers the slaughter in a large room in Riovanes where Barinten's meet with Vormav took place. Included among the dead (or dying) is Izlude, who had kidnapped her just days before.

    4. Marquis Elmdor meets with Vormav in Limberry Castle, and discusses what to do about Alma. After Celia and Lede enter, beat up by Ramza a moment ago, he swears to take him down for good.

  2. Greenish says

    Was that a trap?
    OH NO

  3. 4thGradeDropout says

    With a name like, "Draclau", what are you really expecting?

  4. Ian_Mazzola says

    Was that a trap?

  5. SamTheMarioMan says

    "Oh Dean, oh Dean, oh Dean!"
    "I CAN'T MAKE IT!"
    "Oh no! Friend!"
    "What's happening?" "Is he gonna drown?"


    "OH NO!"
    ProtonJon's skull was crushed by boulder

  6. Necron 99 says

    My favorite FFT soundtrack, save for "the Pervert".  Sets the mood for the darker parts of the game, such as the backroom meetings between the Shrine Knights, incredibly well.

  7. Leprechaun0fDOOM says

    >= l

  8. Leprechaun0fDOOM says

    >: l

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