1. navixiant s says

    They've been in a lot worse situation than this year though despite this years performance such as in '62 when their entire team literally resigned

  2. Olivyay says

    lol, Vettel never came "agonisingly close" to winning the title with Ferrari, he didn't even make the fight last until the last race like Alonso did.

  3. Fg Jhi says


  4. Азьмука says

    sorry Enzo. sorry Michael. Ferrari is dead.

  5. Bing Yiu says

    maybe just waiting for another Schumacher to bring the wins back

  6. Gaurav Jadhav says

    They will be back on top… again.

  7. Reza Bachtiar says

    Ferrari's journey in 2020 season

  8. devansh tulsiyan says

    When the team with the most budget makes this kind of car this season uk they fucked up bad

  9. Charles says

    You dislike F1 if you don’t like Ferrari. The passion and love of the team spreads in our hearts, and only lovers like us understands it.

  10. Moises Pineda says

    Siiiii ragazzi 😍Forza Ferrari per sempre.

  11. Michele Amoruso says

    Scudéria, un po' come stupído di Stanlio e Ollio

  12. TheCanadianBubba says

    Forza Ferrari

  13. Adam Balding says

    Racist Will Buxton…sack him and that oxygen thief Baretto

  14. Thiago De Oliveira Santos says

    That Vettel Scream, omg!! Gave me chills and none of the brazilians drivers in the video :/

  15. pavan kumar says

    Grazzie ragazzi is an emotion that we miss a lot now a days☹️

  16. Žiga Letonja says

    If you ask anyone to draw a Formula 1 car, most of the time the picture is going to be a red car. That explains how Ferrari is rooted in F1.

  17. Press Start says

    Good Job, S🅱inotto

  18. Jobrill Hunter says

    What a magic moment when Mick Schumacher bring back the prancing horse on the top, Mick is leading the F2 driver standing!

  19. Matthias Cerebri says

    I must say what Ferrari has built up can most likely not be repeated by any other team. No matter how many calamities there will be , the "significanza sportiva", so the significance in sports, will never die out. GRazie mille, rossi- for many more wins and titles to come.

  20. Ihsan Kamil says

    Make Ferrari Great Again 😇

  21. Andy Hall says

    How Ferrari lied, cheated and stole money from a sport whilst vetoing everything that would have made it better

  22. Gundam EXIA Wong says

    Bring back the V12

  23. tiktok toyatoya says


  24. Le-WiiSs says

    Wow 😳 no mention of Massa's near miss?? Massa even has more wins for Ferrari than Alonso

  25. Brizza crecia Bustamante maza says


  26. El BonitiilloO says

    We need a guy in the side track waiving the winning flag again

  27. Salvatore s. says

    Questo è il risultato dell'accordo con la federazione !!

  28. Salvatore s. says


  29. Dra Groch says

    Ferrari in 2004 – Get in there, Michael!Ferrari in 2007 – How dare you spy on us!!!Ferrari in 2012 – All the time you have to leave a space! Alonso is faster than you.Ferrari in 2017 – Gratza tutti forza Ferrari! (First Sbins), bwoah. Pee Wan, sebastian.Ferrari in 2020 – Vettel, go sbin! – No! – Copy, we're checking it.

  30. Bilgin Başaran says

    KIMI RAIKKONEN – The Last Champion of Ferrari

  31. Alexander Wood says

    Anyone watching during the red flagEdit: the first one

  32. Christian Rivia says

    come ha fatto la ferrari a cadere cosi in basso ma dai oo

  33. deaser92 says

    No mention of Mansell? He scored some epic wins for Ferrari

  34. Reynard Christian says

    1:55 is that Lorenzo Bandini?

  35. Albertomagno 98 says

    Seb between all these pilots is and will be always the number one fan of the scuderia

  36. Shazan Ashrafi says

    Either I am cold or I just got goosebumps from this video

  37. 2.0 William says

    Forza Ferrari

  38. Phaze Taha says

    I feel bad for the trolls hu hate on a Motorsport Giant, which has been around and domimating for longer than they or ther daddy's been alive. In the Grand scheme of things, this is a quite short setback.

  39. Вячеслав Петухов says

    4:27 happiness xD

  40. Maxi F says

    Ferrari the legend team to beat Schumi Record & kimi close title Seb great wins & Alonso title chance Kimi last win

  41. F1 Renaut says

    Trulli, Fisichella, if not above, they're standing, Alesi…

  42. Blasteroïds says

    so obvious he can fall ⌚

  43. Yuivaan Fever says

    Fernando Alonso was so close in 2012 and 2013 mistakes were maken on the last circuit

  44. Blasteroïds says

    don't be me, firstly

  45. Blasteroïds says

    former mayor and surfshop had issuesthat's 2 bits

  46. EwGaming4U says

    Charles Leclerc will get podium

  47. AleLoons says

    Gold times compared to present. That was the real Ferrari…

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