1. Avinash Sharma says

    Why both of r befooling males,males have seen many girls like u and have left them

  2. varad sabnis says

    This anchor has many misconceptions about men … Exactly opposite to anveshi … A better anchor was needed for this interview

  3. Madhavan says

    BC …sab yaha chutiya log comment kar rahe ho tum. She is the only love guru i found in youtube. She is genius.

  4. Rohit Seth says

    Anveshi don't show your inner wear in public I am feeling uncomfortable…feeling jealous also

  5. why so serious says

    Sooo hot

  6. Halim Ansari says

    Looking so hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Paramjit Singh says

    Please start hate story 4 I request to u many time 100 %will come to watch only hotty milky boobsWill be block basterLots of love from austria Vienna

  8. Paramjit Singh says

    Please if u have any sister for marry Like u

  9. Paramjit Singh says

    Please arvasi call one time austria I promise I will send you 500euro

  10. Paramjit Singh says

    Wow my leben saxy hottness arvasi your such a amaging intelligent and hottest woman I have ever seen Lots of love from austria Vienna Specifically my favourite hottest milky boobs

  11. Mohammad very beautiful qauwali Mozzam says

    Nice jusy

  12. manish sharma says


  13. Anusha singh says

    Can this women be taught how to wear clothes? Boobs show oh yeah she is single you see.. and whats with the old woman trying to understand male body language.

  14. Alex Mateso says

    interested in avneshi's O-O

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