Welcome to the description box ! All of these clothes I have purchased with my own money. Any affiliate codes I have with brands will be clearly marked in every video (if I even have one, LOL). The point of these videos is to show you how items of clothing may fit on, or may look on someone with a similar body type to you. They are in no way me looking for body shaming or criticism on how I look.

This was filmed using my Iphone so that is why the quality is not the greatest


Intro 0:04 Is fashion Nova legit? Are their clothes good quality? Is the sizing correct? Shipping price and time? Customs charges in Canada?
Electric Lightning Romper 1:57
Classic high waist skinny jeans 2:37
Crack of dawn shirt 2:50
Savage mode crop top 3:06
I’m blowing up sweater 3:25
Work got me distressed Jeans 3:38
Foxy Lady Jumpsuit 3:55
Windy City Coat 4:14
Favorite Tee bodysuit 4:30
After School Jacket 4:50
Kanella Stiped dress 5:12
Limitless Babe maxi dress 5:35
What Now heels 6:15
Gold Hoop earrings 6:45
Utopia Jeans 6:57
Nova Season Jumpsuit 7:05

I recorded the intro while relaxing in my bath tub… so obviously I wasn’t going to film that. If you cant stand my voice here is the break down of the Intro:
– I wanted to do a fashion nova haul cause that’s what you do on youtube
– I live in Canada and made more than 1 order so I am an expert
– I am tired of not having a menu to chose Canadian dollars cause I feel catfished when I see how much they charge my credit card
– if you spend $75 USD, which is like $100 CAD, you get free shipping (although the shipping is only like $8 USD)
– NO custom fees when shipping into Canada.
– Clothes are decent quality and the size charts seem to be accurate for what I purchased
– read the reviews on the website and watch YouTube videos if you are curious on the sizing
– The problem with fashion nova is they take your money when they are sold out of an item and just send you a gift card for that amount instead of automatically refunding your credit card (you have to ask for them to refund your credit card)

This is not a sponsored video, I do not have affiliate links or any discount codes with Fashion Nova. All items were bought by me.

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  1. MonicaKelciii says

    Did you have to pay duty

  2. Gayan Malinda says
  3. Roula Hares says

    I am also in Canada, ordered on Fashion Nova and got charged customs. It happens when you order through express shipping otherwise you won't get charged. It sucks for me but my lesson has been learned:)

  4. Tumi Mashala says

    Shipping time ???

  5. Itsasecret8 says

    I don't understand the hype behind fashion nova. The clothes look cheap and not that great. Might aswell just go to sirens or urbanbehavior. To me its the same quality and clothes.

  6. Jenni LeFave says

    Please review Joom!

  7. Jenni LeFave says

    Finally someone in Canada doing these try on hauls.
    Please do more online try on hauls!

  8. Ana Stewart says

    Have you shopped there recently? Curious if we get charged customs now?

  9. Jacob Bales says

    Hot sexy girl thank you for letting us look at your awesome body 🔥

  10. sachi vyas says

    What company did they ship with?

  11. Haley T says

    For future purchases, there IS a drop down box for Canadian dollars. It's at the very bottom of the page.

  12. Assim SouEu says

    make more

  13. Sançia Anderson says

    Great video, finally someone talking about Canadian prices, i think if you scroll to the end of the page you can switch to Canadian prices but it switches back often, I order a lot from fn too but I hate their return and refund policy.. other than that this video was informative and very well broken down.

  14. Greg Johnson says

    Very beautiful,gorgeous body!!!

  15. Harleen Ghuman says

    How long did it take to ship?

  16. Brian Briggs says

    It's a scam to make money!

  17. philkool aubert says

    Humm so nice 😜

  18. david rudy says

    Gorgeous love every outfit¡!!!!

  19. Dee Luther says

    SupeR PrettY SexY TRY ON Haul🖤🖤😗😗😗🔥
    😗They All LooK Good On YoU💕
    🍑👀😘😘😘ThaT Booty LooK Good Tho😗😗😗👀🍑
    🔥Ur Body LooK AmazinG🔥
    ❣😗😗NEW SubbiE😗😗❣

  20. Jeremy MAcdonald says

    I am in b.c. where in Canada are you?

  21. leon eset says

    all outfits very cute..

  22. Leeloudou Lee says

    Very beautiful, your selection is very pretty !!

  23. Donaldson Diaries says

    Great video girly!! I can't wait to see more . Let's support each other! You def gained a new subbie!:D

  24. Joshua Jessie Wells says

    I absolutely loved your clothing haul! I love watching hauls! I did a fashion nova haul in my channel so make sure to check it out! Basic clothes get so boring so it’s fun to shop at a store that’s style is so extra! Liked the video and I’m a new subscriber! Great job!

  25. Troy Mcginty says

    Sit on my face…😍

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