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This is my first time doing this so yeah

This vid includes Japan, China, S.Korea, N.Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam

I’m happy I finished this but not when I noticed some mistakes on the vid-

Also song by Lady Gaga and I err took the soundtrack from ChesyArts

You can see that I’m starting to get lazy halfway even though I’m screaming at myself to not be lazy-

So yeeeeee hope y’all enjoy!

  1. Hani Siska says

    Bagus banget Indonesia aku kasi jibom 10 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  2. Dewi Dewi triutami says

    Colllllllllllllllll so colllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Philipines says

    Is is that me?Omg!

  4. makayla letisya ajani says

    bored mode : onafter the vidio sub mode : on

  5. Aysun Güven says

    TURKEY 😢

  6. Adrian Alexander_Offical says

    Not mode but mo-del Model Mo DEL

  7. Zummii says


  8. iiStarizzii says

    China is so chill-

  9. ItsLucas839 OOF says

    Why did they became so hot!?

  10. Tiffany Chong says

    When I see both of my countries I click like (if you are confused I am mixed Filipino and Malaysian Chinese CAUSE MY DAD IS CHINESE MY MOM IS A FILIPINO)

  11. Ana Paula says

    Where is Portugal D':

  12. chicken soup says

    Yey Indonesia is so cool like omgg

  13. rosecilina camasura says

    Ther sooo cute

  14. [_Mrs. Jes¿ica_] says

    Ehy not turkish and azrtbeycan 😒😅

  15. 양사랑이 says

    뭐냐…한국나올때 한국말로나오네…신기신기

  16. Suzie Dying says


  17. Chocolate Bonnie says

    Yesss!!! Indonesia! :")) Im Indonesia :"))

  18. liu리우 says

    yeesss!!!!! i'm from south korea!!!

  19. Suzanna Xx says

    Philippines!!!! Thank you so much

  20. the REs Søda says

    COOL!But- In Indonesia it isn't mode but-Gaya- itulah- yah- OH WELL GOOD DAY SIR/MA'AM-

  21. ๑Asya says

    I am turkish

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