Fallout: COVID-77 – EP8


Join me as I check out the Fallout 4 mod, COVID-77. Where we head into the a new world space to see the mod makers take on how the fallout universe might react to COVID.


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Produced by the talented Kevin MacLeod

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  1. Anthony Ellis says

    Oh that bugs me that he skipped the 7.62 ammo on the TV twice. Always needs 7.62 ammo for his main gun but when he finally finds some he overlooks it.Also to change time of day is "Set gamehour to"

  2. Risk it for the biscuit says

    Video game logic, no need to over think it.

  3. Edgar Ochoa says

    HOW do you return to the Comolwealth the motorcycle doesn't work!!

  4. silver kingdoom says

    You should do more fallout 3 and nv quest mods

  5. Claire Casey says

    The poster is creepy as the date is a satanic holiday

  6. The Lost Ranger says

    is it just me, but all throughout this playthrough I have noticed alot of places in his mod is modeled after fallout 76 buildings (interiors and exteriors locations)

  7. Ethan Whisman says

    I feel like we're fixing an alien spaceship with all these fancy names for these parts

  8. Sean Cass says

    For what you do next I think you should do a play throo of the outer worlds dlc its really cool and I think you would really like it

  9. Nigel Oulton says

    He's just talking bollocks right now…… says the bloke who scoured the commonwealth for the ingrediants so he can have his in game character stand at a Bethesda programmed 3D model of a table that magically allows him to make every kind of in game drug imaginable.

  10. Mynx _uk says

    quite a disappointing ending to the quest line.

  11. Jeremy Mann says

    Cool! Two vids in one day. Thanks Kottabos!

  12. Dante Wynter says

    I'm enjoying this almost as much as the Forest. If only it wasn't so – current.

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