1. Bec Chick says

    Joe: “moral of the story is if you come at us for a selfie we’ll kill you”

  2. Hiraya Manawari says

    my fedorable kitty cat :")

  3. Ouma Apologist says

    "i like when you become the kitty cat"me too joe

  4. Rylie Nicole says

    Andy is always adorable in interviews he is SO QUIET!

  5. alexandra philbin says


  6. Robert McLaren says

    What the bloody hell happened to them? Pete and Joe now look like Indians, Patrick looks alright tbh, and Andy looks like that he's become more manly…

  7. Herr Horse says

    (0:33) Oooh, look at this perfect smile) Oh my god, I realy don't seen prettiest smile before! Probably Patrick is a most cutest guy in the world

  8. Borman Barrera says


  9. Morganiss says

    "…….." -Andy Hurley

  10. Morganiss says

    andy didn't talk the whole time

  11. England Forever England Champion says


  12. infinityonmania says

    Joe: i like it when you become the Kitty cat me: same Joe, i like it when patrick became the Kitty cat

  13. Haters Remind Me I'm loved. says

    Joe Trohman is an a-hole! They should get rid of him!

  14. Luna Lovegood says

    At the very start when Andy's showing Patrick something on his phone is rlly adorable. And also 0:08 killed me. JUST LOOK AT THEM HOLY FUCK THEY'RE LITERAL MODELSFKJSGDKSGKJGSJKLA HFHSHDSGGALSGAIGAEIUALIAKJASDHASLGDLIUAG

  15. Ava M. says

    'I like when you become the kitty cat' my god I'm dying,I love it too Joe,I also love when Patrick become the kitty cat

  16. Sorcha Ní Pheadair says

    I know everyone says that nobody lets Andy answer but I don't think that's the case. He can easily say something if he wants, but he doesn't. I think he's much more of a listen-and-observe kinda guy, and like what Patrick said, when he does choose to say something, it's always very funny, or wise, it important.

  17. Amy says

    "I like when you become the kitty cat"

  18. Melanie Avila says

    Another video where Andy doesn't say anything, so sad.🙁

  19. Screehcile says

    I choked on my food for a second when Joe said "I like when you become the kitty cat."

  20. Roa Saadawy says

    #YOUNGBLOODFOREVER ^ That video was so fucking cool i wanna go watch it again ._. They should do another story music video!!

  21. agne arlauskaite says

    "I like when you become the kitty cat" -joe

  22. Enid says

    Danm Patricks voice can go high and low 😍😍😂

  23. Emma Best says

    Why didn't Andy talk?😢

  24. rosarygerard says

    pete in that t-shirt is going to be the death of me i swear to god

  25. Sarah Bathke says

    How do they know of the emo trinity?! FOB, PATD, MCR!

  26. ɢɪᴢɪʙᴇTM says

    kitty cat demon pattycakes

  27. Isabelle cooC says

    joe i like when you become the kitty cat

  28. Whole Wheat Bread says


  29. Crystal Brooks says

    I like the part when Andy shuts his mouth. XD

  30. Jana x says


  31. Bailey Boerema says

    "I like when you become the kitty cat" JOE OH MY GOD

  32. CP Gaming says

    This band is the reason I live

  33. Carmen Barbesco says

    andy didn't say a word..my precious angel SPEAK PLEASE I NEED TO HEAR YOUR VOICE DAD

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